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Cherry Point 1999

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Date: 10 April 1999

Made by:

Updated: 15 June 1999

CH-46E           153981/EG-04 
AH-1W            160806/TV-30 
UH-1N            160452/TV-02 
CH-53E           162495/EN-13 
MH-53M           70-1631                                    modified to MH-53M spec. 
HH-46D           151924/ 
OH-58A           70-15309               NC ARNG 
AH-64A           85-25403               NC ARNG 
UH-60L           95-26663/F             130Avn 
F/A-18D          164953/BM06            VMFA(AW)332 
AV-8B+           165354/WP-00 
F/A-18A          163168/BM-14           VMFA-115 
EA-6B            161348/MD-02           VMAQ-3 
TAV-8B           164113/KD-01 
KC-130F          149788/GR 
A-10A            78-0674/FT/Bl 
F-15E            87-0194/SJ/Bl 
F/A-18B          163123/AD-421 
T-2C             158601/A-924 
T-38A            70-1590/CB 
F-14A            162688/AD-165 
T-37B            59-0287/RA 

US-2B            136427/N8112A 
T-28C            140063/NX31431 
L-19A            23488/N143F 
C-45             "KJ-508"/N708AC/CAF 
5-BDS            54532 
SNJ-5            43963 
PV-2C            37396/N7265C 
BT-13A           42-352/N93 
T-34A            55-163/N421NM 
AN-2             4721(POLISH)/N794SP 
T-6              20284/N71155 
C-31             51608 
C-60             255884/N30N/CAF 
O-2              69-0997/N26975 
AT-6/BT-13       N7062C                                     Japanese lookalike Hybrid 
T-33             NX556RH                    ex 58-0665 
AT-19            N60634 

Flight Line - R/Way 32L: 
KC-130F          148899/BH 
KC-130R          160627/BH 
KC-130F          148249/GR 
T-2C             158879/A923 
F/A-18D          (163452)/AD-410 
F/A-18B          (163115)/AD-423 
A-10A            81-0987/FT 
AV-8B            165005/WH-14 
AV-8B            164554 /WH-03 
AV-8B            164558/WH-06 
AV-8B            164557/WH-05 
F/A-18A          163162/(BM)08          VMFA-122 
F/A-18D          164878/BM-407          VMFA(AW)-533 
F/A-18A          163132/BM-00           VMFA-122 
EA-6B            160432/MD-04 
EA-6B            158035/MD-01 
AV-8B+           165381/WP-05 
AV-8B+           165382/WP-06 

F-16C             93-0542/SW 
F-16C             91-0378/SW/"78FS" 

CH-46E            ..4801/EG-07 
CH-46E            ..3368/EG-10 
CH-53E            ....25/EN-20 
CH-53E            ....../EN-22 
H-1               ....../30 

AV-8B+           165356/WP-02 
AV-8B            163515/WP-55 
AV-8B            163682/WP-14 
AV-8B            165004/CG-06 
AV-8B+           165386/WP-10 
AV-8B            164562/CG-07 
TAV-8B           163186/KD-04 
TAV-8B           164540/KD-05 
TAV-8B           163858/KD-07 
TAV-8B           163859/KD-11 
TAV-8B           164542/KD-08 
TAV-8B           164138/KD-15 
AV-8B            163198/KD-20 
AV-8B            163424/KD-21 
AV-8B            163201/KD-24 
AV-8B            162953/KD-23 
AV-8B            163689/KD-25 
AV-8B            162943/KD-26 
AV-8B            163673/KD-27 
AV-8B            163676/KD-28 
AV-8B            163197/KD-29 

VMAT-203 Hangar: 
TAV-8B           ....../KD-03 
TAV-8B           163860/KD-10 
TAV-8B           164114/KD-00 
TAV-8B           163196/KD-06 
TAV-8B           ....../KD-09 
TAV-8B           163861/KD-12 
TAV-8B           163180            might have been the 'KD-03' or 'KD-09' 
TAV-8B           163857            might have been the 'KD-03' or 'KD-09' 
AV-8B            163188/KD-30 
AV-8B            164122/KD-14 
AV-8B            163207/KD-02 
AV-8B            161574/KD-42 
AV-8B            163199/KD-22 
AV-8B            161577/KD-23 

VMA-223/VMA-542/VMA-231 Hangars: 
AV-8B            163686/WP-51 
AV-8B+           165383/WP-07 
AV-8B            165006/WH-12 
AV-8B            163687/WP-53 
AV-8B+           165355/WP-01 
AV-8B+           165309/WH-13 
AV-8B            164551/WH-00 
AV-8B+           165389/WH-10 
AV-8B+           165311/WH-01 
AV-8B+           165310/CG-08 
AV-8B+           165306/CG-02 
AV-8B+           165307/CG-04 
AV-8B            164561/CG-03 
CH-46E           (15)3402/EM-02 

Hangars in NADEP/VFA areas: 
CH-53E           163056/03 
H-46             155312 
F-4S             not marked 
H-53             (163)062 
H-64             00202 
MH-53J           68-8284 

Hangars in VFA areas: 
F-4S              157261/02 
F-4S              153823/- 
F-4S              155521/-               VMPA-101 
F-4S              155864/04 
F-4S              155565/ 
AV-8B+            165312/CG-09 
AV-8B+            165308/CG-05 

Hangars facing Static display  - VMAQ: 
HH-46D            150963/- 
EA-6B             (1629)39/00 
EA-6B             162230/ 
UC-12B            161517/7U 
EA-6B             161245/MD-03 
EA-6B             161349/MD-05 

Hangar at right angles to Static display: 
AV-8B             164566/YM-50 
AV-8B             164568/YM-51 
AV-8B             165001/YM-54 
AV-8B             164571/YM-53 
AV-8B             165002/YM-58          also noted as coded YM-55!!! 
AV-8B+            165387/WP-11 
AV-8B             163670/YM-52 
AV-8B             165387/WP-11 

VMGR Hangar: 
KC-130F           148898/BH 

In hangar near main NADEP: 
F-4E              66-0337               Egyptian AF 
F-4E              66-0340               Egyptian AF 
F-4E              66-0353               Egyptian AF 
F-4E              67-0212               Egyptian AF 
F-4E              67-0239               Egyptian AF 

In Hangar near main NADEP plus ramp area: 
F-4S              153823 
F-4S              155521                VMPA-101 
F-4S              153791/DB-04          (Nadep Ramp) 
F-4S              155565 
F-4S              155864/04 
F-4S              157261/02 

NADEP Ramp: 
KC-130R           160015/QB             VMGR-352 
KC-130R           160020/QD             VMGR-152 
KC-130T           163311/NY             VMGR-452 
KC-130T           164442/NY             VMGR-452 
KC-130T           165353/NY             VMGR-452 
CH-46E            154790/YX-604 
AV-8B             163855/WL-00          VMA-311 
MH-53E            163067/VT-44 
CH-53E            162487                unmarked 
MH-53J            73-1652 
CH-53E            163084/74             HMH-465 

Based a/c parked on ramp: 
KC-130F           150686/BH             VMGR-252 
KC-130F           148891/BH             VMGR-252 
KC-130F           150688/GR             VMGRT-253 
KC-130F           149804/GR             VMGRT-253 
KC-130F           148896/BH             VMGR-252 
KC-130F           148895/BH             VMGR-252 

HH-46D            150941/- 
HH-46D            150958/- 
HH-46D            151951/SA-06          HC-3 
HH-46D            153405/BR             HC-8 
CH-46D            152493/- 
UH-46D            152495/BR 
CH-46D            152567/HW 
CH-46E            152579/GX-06 
CH-46E            153372/EG-2 
CH-46E            153402/- 
CH-46E            153969/YP-12 
CH-46E            153975/EG-11 
CH-46E            154798/- 
CH-46E            154834/- 
CH-46E            155302/M 
CH-46E            155303/GX-05 
CH-46E            155309/04 
CH-46E            153353/EH-01          HMM-264 
CH-46E            156441/YX-602 
CH-46E            156471/YX-600 
CH-46E            157650/EM-10 
CH-46E            157652/EM-07 
CH-46E            157656/EM-05 
CH-46E            157662/YQ-12 
CH-46E            157664/EN-07 
CH-46E            157685/GX-13 
CH-46E            157692/- 
CH-53A            157176/- 
CH-53E            161182/00 
CH-53E            161261/- 
CH-53E            161383/480 
CH-53E            161535/- 
CH-53E            161993/YK-13 
CH-53E            161997/23 
CH-53E            162486/24 
CH-53E            163072/72             HMH-462 
CH-53E            163073/31 
CH-53E            163075/33 
CH-53E            163077/05             HMH-361 
CH-53E            163080/70             HMH-465 
CH-53E            163082/72 
CH-53E            163087/- 
CH-53E            164358/67 
CH-53E            164364/03 
CH-53E            164365/04 
MH-53E            164772/03             HM-15 
CH-53E            164776/YF-66          HMH-462 
MH-53E            162513/11             HM-15 
MH-53E            162517/14 
MH-53J            68-10358 
MH-53J            70-1630 
AV-8              ....../01 
AV-8              ....../07 

End of NADEP area: 
Approximately 5 AV-8B fuselages 

Far side: 
C-130             (16)0628 
C-12              (16)1513 
H-46              (16)1912 

C-130             1346              USCG        fuselage 
C-130             149808/BH 

Approx 4 miles down the road, on trailer in yard: 
AH-1J             159216                previously stored/preserved on base 

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