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Cherry Point 2003

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Date: 2-4 May 2003

Made by:


OH-58A+r Kiowa 		70-15392 		NC RAID 
HH-46D 	Sea Knight 	151912 		        VMR-1  
C-9B Skytrain 		160047                  VMR-1  
UC-12B Huron 		161517                  VMR-1  
HH-46D Sea Knight 	150963                  VMR-1  
TH-57C Sea Ranger 	162823/E-137 	        TAW-5  
UH-60L Blackhawk 	0-26415 	        SC ArNG
AV-8B+ Harrier II 	164558/CG-02 		VMA-231 
AV-8B+ Harrier II 	165595/CG-00            VMA-231
EA-6B Prowler 		162224/RM-03            VMAQ-4 
KC-130F Hercules 	168894/GR-894 		VMGRT-253 
KC-130J Hercules 	165737/BH-737 		VMGT-252 
A-10A Thunderbolt II 	82-0060/FT 		23 FG  75 FS 
A-10A Thunderbolt II 	81-0990/FT              23 FG  74 FS
F-15E Strike Eagle 	88-1673/SJ              4 FW  336 FS
F-15E Strike Eagle 	87-0174/SJ              4 FW  336 FS
F/A-18D Hornet 		164714/WK-05 		VMFA(AW)-224 
T-34C Turbo Mentor 	162305/G-823            TAW-4       
T-34C Turbo Mentor 	162631/G-744            TAW-4       
T-2C Buckeye 		156710/F-806            TW-6        
T-1A Jayhawk 		93-0654/VN 		32 FTS 
CH-146 Griffon 		146427  
T-45A Goshawk 		163636/B-236 		TW-2 
T-45A Goshawk 		165068/B-268            TW-2
T-45C Goshawk 		165615/A-173            TW-1
T-37B Tweet 		60-0198/VN 		33 FTS 
T-38A Talon 		68-8178/VN 		14 FTS 
T-6A Texan II 		00-3575/MY  
F-14B Tomcat 		163217/AA-103 		VF-103 
B-52H Stratofortress 	60-0005/MT 		5 BW  23 BS 
F-16C Fighting Falcon 	85-491/MI 		127 WG  107 FS 
F-16C Fighting Falcon 	85-498/MI 		127 WG  107 FS 
CH-46E Sea Knight 	154789 			no unit marks 
CH-53E Super Stallion 	161180 			no unit marks 
UH-1N Huey 		159192/TV-13 		HMLA-167 
AH-1W Cobra 		160811/TV-36 		HMLA-167 
T-44A Pegasus 		161064/G-464 		TW-4  VT-31 
E-2C Hawkeye 		165303/G-643 		VAW-120 
F-117A Knighthawk 	81-10798/HO 		49 FW  9 FS 
F-117A Knighthawk 	84-0809/HO 		49 FW  9 FS 
F-117A Knighthawk 	88-0841/HO 		49 FW  9 FS 
HH-46D Sea Knight 	152528 			VMR-1         
TAV-8B Harrier II       164114/KD-00 		VMAT-203
TAV-8B Harrier II       164113/KD-01            VMAT-203
TAV-8B Harrier II       162971/KD-02            VMAT-203
TAV-8B Harrier II       164138/KD-15            VMAT-203
TAV-8B Harrier II       163861/KD-12            VMAT-203
TAV-8B Harrier II       163859/KD-11            VMAT-203
EA-6B Prowler 		161774/CY-03            VMAQ-2  
EA-6B Prowler           162227/CY-01            VMAQ-2  
EA-6B Prowler           161119/CY-02            VMAQ-2  
EA-6B Prowler           161882/CY-00            VMAQ-2  
EA-6B Prowler           163888/CY-04            VMAQ-2  
EA-6B Prowler           160436/CB-02            VMAQ-1  
EA-6B Prowler           161244/CB-04            VMAQ-1  
EA-6B Prowler           160432/CB-1 		VMAQ-1 
EA-6B Prowler 		....../CB-05 		VMAQ-1 
EA-6B Prowler 		160432/CB-03 		VMAQ-1 
AV-8B Harrier II 	163424/KD-21 		VMAT-203 
KC-130T Hercules 	162309/QH-309 		VMGR-234 
F/A-18F Super Hornet 	165920/NE-104 		VFA-2 
F/A-18F Super Hornet 	....../NF-114 		VFA-2 
F-15C Eagle 		84-0008/FF 		1 FW  94 FS 
F-15C Eagle 		81-0026/FF 		1 FW  71 FS 
EA-6B Prowler 		....../RM-05 		VMAQ-4 
KC-130J Hercules 	165738/BH-738 		VMGR-252 
C-130T Hercules 	164763 			Blue Angels 
EA-6B Prowler 		163396/RM-01 		VMAQ-4 
AV-8B+ Harrier II 	165594/CG-04 		VMA-231 
KC-130F Hercules 	148899/BH-899 		VMGR- 
Flying only:
CH-53E Super Stallion 	....../EG-53  
CH-53E Super Stallion 	....../CJ-05 		HMH-461 

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