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Cincinnati 1999

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Date: 29 August 1999

Made by:


6540               HH-65             USCG (Detroit) 
160786/CB-01       EA-6              VMAQ-1 
163031/CB-02       EA-6              VMAQ-1 
80-0215/DM         A-10 
78-0650/DM         A-10 
59-0257/XL         T-37 
162014             TH-57             TAW-5 
90-1795            C-130             Ohio ANG 

N227GB             C-47              (315033) 
N404CG             Martin 404        (USCG-1282) 
N67454             Stearman 
N4497N             Stearman 
N352JU             Casa 352 
N179PT             F4U               (122179) 
N9019N             T-28              (140519) 
NX462NA            T-28              (140570) 
N234MC             T-34              (144104) 
N8994              T-6 
N6339K             Nanchang CJ-6 
N4MF               Nanchang CJ-6 
N39311             T-6 
N21299             O-2               (21299) 
N51680             O-2               (7669) 
N5017N             B-17              (2102516) 
N4084              T-34 

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