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Cincinnati-Blue Ash 2000

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Date: 11 June 2000

Made by:


N4225F 		S-2F 		(136464)
N55192 		T-34 		(55-192)
N3280N 		O-1 		(22476)
N57348  	PT-17 Stearman
N434RM 		T-34 		(144015)
N8994 		T-6/Harvard 	(662814)
N421NM 		T-34 		(55-163)
N51090 		PT-26 		(51-090)
N40189 		RC-45J
N63391 		CJ-6 		"12"
N8504 		C-45H
89-0233 	AH-64 		US Army "SFOR"
N134JC 		T-34
N5138B 		OY-2 		(04013)
"805" 		TS-11 Iskra	black c/s

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