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Cleveland 2001

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Date: 1 September 2001

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Updated: 30 November 2003

71-20998	AH-1F		107th CAV?   
90-1793		C-130H	        164AS/179AW        
188796		CF-188A	        410 Squadron 
188904/RA-60	CF-188B	        410 Squadron 
146485		CH-146	        427 Squadron 
162705/AA-113	F-14B	        VF-103       
165791/NK-212	F/A-18E	        VFA-115      
165795/NJ-121	F/A-18F	        VFA-122      
165800/NJ-126	F/A-18F	        VFA-122      
59-1453		KC-135R	        121ARW       
79-0129/BC	O/A-10A	        172FS/110FW  
81-0996/BC	O/A-10A	        172FS/110FW  
70-15534	OH-58A	        10th Div?    
158913		P-3C	        VP-40        
159750/NG-702	S-3B	        VS-33        
159722/A-943	T-2C	        VT-9/TW-1    
160280/F-31	T-34C	        TAW-6        
162300/F-28	T-34C	        TAW-6        
165525/F-17	T-39N	        VT-86/TW-2   
165072/B-272	T-45A	        TW-2         
95-3004/RA	T-6A	        559FTS/12FTW 
71-20262	UH-1H	        4/107th CAV  
N782BG		172 Skyhawk	     
N766CP	        172M Skyhawk	     
N9140H	        172M Skyhawk	     
N9774F	        182S Skylane	     
N14667	        737-524		Continental  
N683FE	        A300F4-605R	FedEx
N135UP	        A300F4-622R	UPS  
N1XP	        C-47	        North Dakota ANG mks
N731FX	        C208B	        FedEx
N5588N	        F2G-1	        "Sohio 57" 
N793V	        K-10 Polecat	     
N2340B	        S35 Bonanza	     
N....	        SNJ		VT-1         

..-..../FT	A-10A		75FS?/23FW                 
..-..../FT      A-10A	        75FS?/23FW         
96-0006	        C-17A	        437/315AW          
85-1607	        C-31A	        Golden Knights     
var.	        F/A-18A/B	7x Blue Angels     
151891	        TC-130G 	Blue Angels
23711	        F-86F		Jimmy Rossi                
97388	        F4U-4	        VF-42              
N80949	        GC-1B	        Swift Magic Team   
2x	        GC-1B	        Swift Magic Team   
1x	        L-39	        Northern Lights    
1x	        MiG-15	        Jimmy Rossi        
474404	        P-51D	        Dazzlin' Donna     
NR2101	        R-2 (replica)	Gee Bee            
N99MF	        S-2S		Jim "Bulldog" Leroy        
1x	        Su-31		FedEx/Ian Groom            

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