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Cleveland 2008

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Date: 30 August - 01 September 2008

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156117 			CT-156 		NFTC
80-0152/PA 		OA-10A 		103rd FS PA ANG
70-0457 		C-5A 		89th AS AFRC   
99-0166                 C-17A 		58th AS       
89-9103                 C-130H 		757th AS AFRC
64-14840 		KC-135R 	121st ARW OH NG
91-0080/VN 		T-1A 		71st FTW "5 FTS"
89-00149 		CH-47D 		3-238thAVN OH NG
163844 			UC-12M          NAS Norfolk     
162020/E-56 		TH-57C          HT-18           
162026/E-92             TH-57C          HT-18           
162035/E-71             TH-57C          HT-18           
162677/E-115 		TH-57C          HT-18           
165088/A-109            T-45C 		VT-9 tiger mks
165090/A-111            T-45C           TW-1          
165461/A-118            T-45C           TW-1          
165621/A-190            T-45C           TW-1          
165639/B-285            T-45C           TW-2          
164909/DR-202 		F/A-18C 	VMFA-312
164958/DR-203 		F/A-18C 	VMFA-312
166391/MV-22 		MV-22B 		VMX-22
N601NA 			S-3B 		NASA Glenn RC        
N608NA                  T-34C 		NASA Glenn RC       
N102KS                  Ce172S 		Kent State Univer. 
N137SR                  SR22GTS 	Cirrus Design     
N151TA                  T-51 		Mustang private      
N2065P                  Schw. 269C-1 	JW Helicopter
N2130A                  Ce172S 		N2130a Inc         
N213CP                  SR22GTSx 	Cirrus Design    
N224X 			SNJ-4 		AAHFM
N271SR 			SR22 		Cirrus Design      
N3193G                  B-17G 		Yankee Air Force *
N343AM                  DA40 		N343am Inc         
N373AM                  DA20-C1 	N373am Inc      
N49TV 			Bell 206B 	Helicopters Inc
N5110Y 			PA-28-181 	Carpe Diem Av.    
N614TB                  Titan T-51 	private          
N62769                  PA-23-250 	N62769 LLC        
N644KS                  PA-44-180 	Kent State Univer.
N729FX                  Ce208B 		Federal Express      
N745FD                  A300B4-622R 	Federal Express 
N761MH                  S-76A 		Metrohealth System    
N786BG                  PA-28R-201 	Bowling Gr St Un 
N8081Q                  PA-34-220T	MD Aviation      
N8162P                  SR22 		SR2 Holdings           
N9774F                  Ce182S 		private              
The Flying Fortress was moved from the static to the flightlines
during the day. AAHFM stands for American Airpower Heritage
Flying Museum.

90-1794 		C-130H 		164th AS OH NG
85-01608 		C-31A 		Golden Knights
164763 			C-130T 		Blue Angels
163093/1, 163106/2	F/A-18A 	Blue Angels  
161967/3, 162826/4 	F/A-18A         Blue Angels  
163130/5, 162437/6 	F/A-18A         Blue Angels  
161723/7 		F/A-18B         Blue Angels 	#
165797/AD-213 		F/A-18F         VFA-106 	#    
166460/AD-236 		F/A-18F         VFA-106      
6582 			HH-65C 		CGAS Traverse C.
N129DH 			L-29 		Red Alert
N151W 			P-51D 		as 4511540/R-PE
N203TV 			Bell 206B 	Helicopters Inc     
N260HP                  Challenger II 	Sean D Tucker   
N315JB                  TS-11 		Corporate Aircraft      
N384RA                  Su-26M 		Team Sukhoi / Hi-te    
N49739                  PT-17 		John Mohr               
N540WS                  Edge 540 	Bill Stein Aerosports
N763MH                  S-76A 		Metrohealth System      
N772TA                  Extra 300/L 	Eric Tucker       
NX2146J 		BAC167 		Dragon Aviation
NX45NL 			F4U-5NL 	as 124692/NP-3
Only aircraft marked # did not fly (on Saturday).

Flying only:
82-0021/EG 		F-15C 		58th FS
88-0521/HL 		F-16C 		4th FS
N762MH 			S-76A 		Metrohealth System
N764MH 			S-76A 		Metrohealth System
The Eagle and the Viper demo flew out of nearby Cleveland
Hopkins International Airport (OH). In 1981, a Thunderbird T-38
ingested a bird while departing the airport after the show. The
plane crashed, killing the pilot. Since the accident, USAF demos
have been avoiding Burke Lakefront.

FBO ramps near static:
165629/A-107 		T-45C 		VT-7
N14NM 			Beech E90 	N14nm LLC
N2268Y 			PA-30 		private
N258CA 			EMB-120RT 	Business a/c Gr
N491AM 			Beech 400A 	Airmed International
N6811G 			Ce150L 		Lloyd Aviation
N718J 			TS-11 		Corporate Aircraft
N9896H 			Ce182R 		Turner Wortman Air
During the show, the locally based Beechjet landed with an
organ for transplantation at the nearby Cleveland Clinic.

Inside FBO hangar:
202 			TS-11 		ex Polish AF

Preserved near gate:
66-0284/1 		F-4E 		ex Thunderbirds
153812/1 		F-4J 		ex Blue Angels
The author spent a week in Montreal for work and travelled a
dog leg on the way home to be able to attend the show. The
annual Cleveland National Air Show has a distinguished history
dating back over 40 years and its roots are the National Air Races,
held in Cleveland as far back as 1929. This report is based
on the sightings of Saturday only. The weather was absolutely
stunning, early morning low clouds disappeared rapidly, giving
room for clear skies with unlimited visibility. The east-west runway
(06L-24R) assured the sun was in the back during the fl ying
programme. Special thanks to Cleveland National Air Show
Promotions Coordinator, Ann M. Gynn.

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