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Corpus Christi 2001

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Date: 22 April 2001

Made by:


D = Derelict
F = Factory a/c
I = Instructional
O = Operational
P = Preserved
S = Stored
V = Vintage
N50GC		C-45H					AF-371		V	USCG cs "71"
N8764T		Beech D45				BG-206		O	USN c/s, "Fly Navy"
N8767V		Beech D45				BG-378		O	USN c/s, "Fly Navy"
N67CA		Cessna 210N				21064479	O
C-CAKG		EA.300/L				042		O
C-GAKN	        EA.300/L				043	        O
N52FC	        EA.300/L				019	        O
N2354H	        Ercoupe 415C				2979	        O
N54523		Great Lakes 2T-1			6704E-329	O
N9442V		M.20C					700049		O
N444AC		Navion A				NAV-4-1463	O
N941TA		SF.260					286		O
N7130C		SNJ-5					88-17860	V	As A6M "AI-311"
NX71546		T-28C					226-105		V	USN fcs "140528/E-465"
N155SF		T-33A					1099		V	USAF c/s
N362YL		UH-34D		Aircraft Charter Services 58.1336	O	USMC cs "148946"
N240P		A-26B		Confederate AF		7140		V	USAAF c/s "437140/R"
N7227C		B-17G		Confederate AF		32513		V	USAAF c/s "483872/UP-X/L"
N9643C		B-25J		Confederate AF		108-47512	V	As USMC PBJ-1J "3"
N11171		AT-6B		Confederate AF		84-7800		V	As A6M "AI-115"
N494TW		L 749A		Constellation Group	2601		V	USAF c/s "MATS", "8609"
N107FE		B 727-22C	Federal Express		19202/424	O
91-26320	UH-60L		US Army			70.1616		O	TX NG, cn noted as 70.1618 !!
N144CS		P-3B		US Customs		5242		O	AEW&C
N146CS	        P-3B		US Customs		5286		O	AEW&C
N148CS	        P-3B		US Customs		5256		O	AEW&C
N15390	        P-3A		US Customs		5103		O            
N16295	        P-3A		US Customs		5108	        O    
70-2465	GF	HH-1H		USAF			17109	        O
70-2469	GF	HH-1H		USAF		        17113	        O
70-0449		C-5A		USAF		        500-63	        O
68-11041	O-2A		USAF			337M-0317	P	Pres. or civil?
81-0022	FF	F-15C		USAF			738/C-205	O
89-2108	HL	F-16C		USAF			1C-261		O
89-2152	HL	F-16C		USAF			1C-305		O
		F-117A		USAF					O	Flying
84-0075		C-21A		USAF			35A-521		O                     
6507	        HH-65A		USCG			6056		O                     
6545	        HH-65A		USCG			6198		O	Corpus Christi           
2101	        HU-25B		USCG	                374		O	Corpus Christi           
2136	        HU-25A		USCG	                460		O                                
151891		TC-130G		USMC	                3878		O	Blue Angels, "Fat Albert"
164219	SH-250	F/A-18D		USMC			982		O
164245	SH-254	F/A-18D		USMC			1008	        O
164764	06	MH-53E		USMC				        O
160279	G-772	T-34C		USN			GL-15	        O
160489	G-735	T-34C		USN	                GL-46	        O
160501	G-806	T-34C		USN	                GL-58		O
160514	G	T-34C	        USN	                GL-71	        O
160534	G	T-34C	        USN	                GL-91	        O
160540		T-34C	        USN	                GL-105	        O
160636		T-34C	        USN	                GL-101	        O
160647	G-730	T-34C	        USN	                GL-112	        O
161794	G-704	T-34C	        USN	                GL-188	        O
161797		T-34C	        USN	                GL-191	        O
161798	G-754	T-34C	        USN	                GL-192	        O
161817	G	T-34C	        USN	                GL-211	        O
161818	G-765	T-34C	        USN	                GL-212	        O
161823	G-722	T-34C	        USN	                GL-217	        O
161824		T-34C	        USN			GL-218	        O
161839	G	T-34C		USN			GL-233		O	USMC titles
161841	G-741	T-34C		USN	                GL-235		O
161843		T-34C	        USN	                GL-237	        O
161849	G-763	T-34C	        USN	                GL-243	        O
162258	G-737	T-34C	        USN	                GL-255	        O
162264	G	T-34C	        USN	                GL-261	        O
162631	G	T-34C	        USN	                GL-315	        O
162635	G	T-34C		USN			GL-319		O	USMC titles
164167	G-701	T-34C		USN			GL-346		O
164173	G-702	T-34C	        USN	                GL-352		O
		T-44A	        USN	                		O	Hangar   
                T-44A	        USN	                		O	Hangar   
                T-44A	        USN	                		O	Hangar   
                T-44A	        USN	                		O	Hangar   
                T-44A	        USN	                		O	Hangar   
160840	G-462	T-44A	        USN	                LL-2		O
160844	G-444	T-44A	        USN	                LL-6	        O
160845	G-445	T-44A	        USN	                LL-7	        O
160846	G-446	T-44A	        USN	                LL-8	        O
160847	G-447	T-44A	        USN	                LL-9	        O
160848	G-410	T-44A	        USN	                LL-10	        O
160850	G-460	T-44A	        USN	                LL-12	        O
160853	G-453	T-44A	        USN	                LL-15	        O
160854	G-454	T-44A	        USN	                LL-16	        O
160855	G-455	T-44A	        USN	                LL-17	        O
160856	G-456	T-44A	        USN	                LL-18	        O
160968	G-424	T-44A	        USN	                LL-20	        O
160969	G-430	T-44A	        USN	                LL-21	        O
160970	G-470	T-44A	        USN	                LL-22	        O
160971	G-441	T-44A	        USN	                LL-53	        O
160972	G-412	T-44A	        USN	                LL-24	        O
160974	G-404	T-44A	        USN	                LL-26	        O
160976	G-473	T-44A	        USN	                LL-28	        O
160977	G-467	T-44A	        USN	                LL-29	        O
160978	G-457	T-44A	        USN	                LL-30	        O
160979	G-406	T-44A	        USN	                LL-31	        O
160981	G-421	T-44A	        USN	                LL-33	        O
160982	G-422	T-44A	        USN	                LL-34	        O
160985	G-425	T-44A		USN			LL-37	        O
160986		T-44A	        USN			LL-61	        O
161057	G-427	T-44A		USN			LL-39		O	USMC titles
161060	G-460	T-44A		USN			LL-42		O 
161061	G-461	T-44A	        USN	                LL-43	        O
161063	G-463	T-44A	        USN	                LL-45	        O
161064	G-464	T-44A	        USN	                LL-46	        O
161065	G-465	T-44A	        USN	                LL-47	        O
161066	G-466	T-44A	        USN	                LL-48	        O
161068	G-434	T-44A	        USN	                LL-50	        O
161069	G	T-44A	        USN	                LL-51	        O
161070	G-440	T-44A	        USN	                LL-52	        O
161072	G-472	T-44A	        USN	                LL-54	        O
161073	G-473	T-44A	        USN	                LL-55	        O
161076	G-476	T-44A	        USN	                LL-58	        O
161077	G-477	T-44A	        USN	                LL-59	        O
161078	G-405	T-44A	        USN	                LL-60	        O
161079	G-407	T-44A	        USN	                LL-61	        O
161188	G	UC-12B	        USN	                BJ-4	        O
161193	G	TC-12B	        USN	                BJ-9	        O
161194	G-303	TC-12B	        USN	                BJ-10	        O
161197	G-327	UC-12B	        USN	                BJ-13	        O
161201	G-306	TC-12B	        USN	                BJ-17	        O
161306	G	UC-12B	        USN	                BJ-23	        O
161310	G-324	TC-12B	        USN	                BJ-27	        O
161314	G	TC-12B	        USN	                BJ-31	        O
161315	G-310	TC-12B	        USN	                BJ-32	        O
161498	G-320	TC-12B	        USN	                BJ-46	        O
161505	G-312	TC-12B	        USN	                BJ-53	        O
161509	G-314	TC-12B	        USN	                BJ-57	        O
161510	G	TC-12B	        USN	                BJ-58	        O
161518	G-317	TC-12B	        USN	                BJ-66	        O
		UH-1	        USN	                		O	Other Side
158248	G-001	HH-1N	        USN	                31419		O 
160834	G-002	HH-1N	        USN	                31452		O 
		F/A-18		USN					O	Blue Angels, other side
161948	3	F/A-18A		USN			157		O	Blue Angels
161955	1	F/A-18A	        USN	                166	        O	Blue Angels
161956	2	F/A-18A	        USN	                167	        O	Blue Angels
161959	4	F/A-18A	        USN	                171	        O	Blue Angels
161963	6	F/A-18A	        USN	                177	        O	Blue Angels
161969	5	F/A-18A	        USN	                186	        O	Blue Angels
165670	NJ-114	F/A-18F		USN			1503/F-009	O
165677	NJ-113	F/A-18F	        USN	                1512/F-016	O
163631	B-231	T-45A	        USN	                A-033		O        
163653	B-253	T-45A	        USN	                A-055		O        
165063	B-263	T-45A	        USN	                A-067		O        
165086	A-107	T-45C	        USN	                		O                        
	765	P-3C		USN	                		O	160765 or 161765 

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