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Corpus Christi 2005

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Date: 10 April 2005

Made by:


63-7846			C-130E		314th AW      
62-3552		        KC-135R	        97th AMW      
70-16315	        UH-1H	        CCAD          
88-00077	        CH-47D	        nb            
70-15303	        OH-58A	        nb            
90-26222	        HH-60G	        nb            
93-26498	        UH-60L	        nb            
89-00208	        AH-64A	        7/6th Cav     
93-0625/XL	        T-1A	        86th FTS      
64-13301/BB	        T-38A	        1st RS        
161312/G-332	        TC-12B	        TW-4          
165815/AA-603	        E-2C	        VAW-125       
164027/NK-420	        FA-18C	        VFA-25        
164060/NK-421	        FA-18C	        VFA-25        
164654/NK-406	        FA-18C	        VFA-25        
166429/NH-207	        FA-18E	        VFA-14        
166434/NH-200	        FA-18E	        VFA-14        
162510/TB-15	        MH-53E	        HM-15         
156527/PD	        P-3C	        VP-9          
161824/G-724	        T-34C	        TW-4          
161065/G-465	        T-44A	        TW-4          
2129		        HU-25C	        Corpus Christi
6548		        HH-65B	        Corpus Christi

Flightlines (north side):
TC-12Bs of TW-4:
161310/G-324	161316/G-311	161505/G-312
161508/G-313	161510/G-315

T-34Cs of TW-4:
160282/G-801	160473/G-742	160476/G-831
160477/G-841	160484/G-717	160485/G-802
160489/G-735	160499/G-805	160500/G-...
160501/G-806	160505/G-766	160521/G-767
160530/G-810	160535/G-812	160632/G-727
160936/G-847	161040/G-813	161054/G-774
161790/G-830	161796/G-706	161797/G-707
161804/G-746	161805/G-752	161808/G-750
161810/G-710	161814/G-714	161816/G-716
161817/G-827	161818/G-765	161822/G-722
161823/G-723	161825/G-725	161833/G-733
161834/G-734	161836/G-815	161837/G-747
161839/G-776	161845/G-745	161848/G-764
162247/G-816	162254/G-832	162258/G-737
162262/G-842	162264/G-726	162265/G-845
162267/G-821	162269/G-844	162276/G-853
162284/G-...	162285/G-864	162286/G-867
162287/G-870	162290/G-760	162304/G-736
162306/G-824	162623/G-751	162631/G-744
162635/G-836	162642/G-865	162645/G-833
164159/G-825	164160/G-861	164167/G-701
164173/G-702	plus codes G-850 and G-862 

T-44As of TW-4:
160850/G-450	160851/G-451	160852/G-452
160854/G-454	160968/G-420	160970/G-470
160972/G-412	160977/G-467	160982/G-422
160985/G-425	161057/G-427	161063/G-463
161068/G-434	161071/G-401	161073/G-473

Flightlines (south side):
88-0419/HL, 90-0725/HL	F-16CJ		4th FS
159710/F-811		T-2C		TW-6
165075/B-275		T-45A		TW-2
N15390 +1		P-3C AEW	USCG

T-44As of TW-4:
160840/G-462	160842/G-442	160845/G-445
160846/G-446	160849/G-402	160856/G-456
160971/G-411	160979/G-462	160984/G-424
161064/G-464	161070/G-440	161075/G-475

66-00809		UH-1H		dumped             
158087/G-134	        TA-4J	        preserved          
161185/G	        UC-12B	        preserved          
3x		        MH-53E	        HM-15		one fly by 
140046/G-783	        T-28B	        preserved          
..		        T-44A	        dumped             
2104		        HU-25C	        Corpus Christi	departed
6544		        HH-65B	        Corpus Christi	hangar
6552		        HH-65B	        Corpus Christi	hangar
Plus about twenty unidentified warbirds.

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