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Dallas-Hensley Field 1993

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Date: 6 November 1993

Made by: Ben Uffen


79-0123/KC              A10A            303FS
84-0092/OF              C21A            55RW
85-1363         	C130H           181ALS
85-1368         	C130H           181ALS
64-1047/BH              RF4C            106RS
87-0186/LF              F15E            "555FS"
90-0738/SW              F16C            17FS
90-0767/SW              F16C            17FS
59-0040         	QF106A  	"AD225"
67-21375/N16GH  	O2A             nn
58-1906/RA              T37B            12FTW
61-0807/HO              AT38B           49FW
61-0940/HO              AT38B           49FW
53-1030         	F86L            Preserved
56-3948/FW-948  	F100F           nn
45-8607         	P80B            Preserved
68-16211                UH1H            US Army
87-0113         	CH47D           Tx-NG
88-0065                 CH47D           Tx-NG
88-0066                 CH47D           Tx-NG
90-0226                 CH47D           Tx-NG
92-0289                 CH47D           Tx-NG
71-20679                OH58C           US Army
91-26336                UH60L           US Army
66-18047                U21A            US Army
158465/A-765    	TA4J            VT-7     
159484/7D-02            A4M             Base Flt.
159789/7D-01            A4M             Preserved
163404/AC-624           EA6B            VAQ-130  
158539/ND-05            A6E             VA-304   
160701/AF-602           E2C             VAW-78   
159881/NJ-727           F5E             VFA-127  
162709/AF-100           F14A            VF-201   
162711/AF-201           F14A            VF-202   
163222/AD-111           F14B            VF-101   
162017/E-53             TH57C           as 62017
(160289)/ZE-17  	P3C-I           VP-17
158865/AG-705   	S3B             VS-31
158908/F-828    	T2C             TW-6
161038/E                T34C            TAW-5
162292/E                T34C            TAW-5
N303NT/F-03             T39N            TW-6
131770/N59TM    	T33B            B.Angels 1
162786/QH               KC130T  	VMGR-234
164442/QH               KC130T  	VMGR-234
152267/MA-00    	F4N             Gateguard
162434/MA-02    	F/A18A  	VMFA-112
E-814                   IA63            JPATS

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