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Davis-Monthan 2002

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Date: 27 April 2002

Made by:

Updated: 3 November 2002

188740			CF-188		441sq, spec c/s
43+99			Tornado IDS	FTC
78-0706/DM		A-10A		354th FS        
80-0146/DM		A-10A	        358th FS        
80-0190/DM, 80-0246/DM	A-10A	        357th FS        
82-0648/DM		A-10A	        358th FS        
65-10466/MY		AT-38B	        479th FTG       
61-0031/LA		B-52H	        11th BS         
62-1857/DM		EC-130E	        42nd ACCS       
73-1581/DM		EC-130H	        43rd ECS        
80-0321			C-130H	        158th AS GA ANG 
87-0125			MC-130H	        550th SOS       
57-1455			KC-135E	        151st ARS TN ANG
57-1496			KC-135E	        197th ARS AZ ANG
65-0267			C-141B	        62nd AW
98-0054			C-17A	        62nd AW         
84-0096			C-21A		47th AF        
72-1163/HO		F-4F	        20th FS        
85-0128/MO, 86-0177/MO	F-15C	        390th FS       
87-0173/MO		F-15E	        391st FS       
88-1683/SJ, 89-0502/SJ	F-15E	        335th FS       
88-1684/SJ, 90-0228/SJ	F-15E	        333rd FS       
89-2100/AZ		F-16CG	        162nd FW AZ ANG
86-0837/HO		F-117A	        8th FS         
68-10356		MH-53J	        551st SOS      
90-26224/DR		HH-60G	        305th RQS AFRC 
95-0071/VN		T-1A	        71st FTW       
67-14739/EN		T-37B	        80th FTW       
68-8124/RA		T-38A	        12th FTW       
165579/WE-05		AV-8B+	        VMA-214        
163749/SH-243		F/A-18D	        VMFAT-101      
163764/NJ-317		F/A-18C	        VFA-125        
164032/SH-261		F/A-18D	        VMFAT-101      
164051/SH-266		F/A-18D	        VMFAT-101      
164216/SH-271		F/A-18D		VMFAT-101     
160569/NH-700		S-3B	        VS-29         
157036/A-944		T-2C	        VT-9          
165467/A-124		T-45C	        VT-7          
52-1506			EB-57B	        AMARC AABM0138
68-0531/HO		F-4E	        AMARC AAFP1059
56-3880			QF-100F	        AMARC AAFE0639
59-0043			QF-106A	        AMARC AAFN0207
68-0030/UH		F-111E	        AMARC AAFV0190
51-6071/FU-071		F-86L	        pres, gate    
38-0593/8593		B-18A	        pres, PASM    
42-72488		C-54D	        pres, PASM    
44-23006		C-82A	        pres, PASM    
2410/69			MiG-21PF	PASM, ex Polish AF
55-5118			YF-107A		pres, PASM
N22YK			CJ-6		private
N494TW			VC-121B		ex US 48-0609
N500AM			AT-11		ex US 43-10427
N905NA			B747-123	NASA Johnson
N3675G			TB-25J		ex US 44-30423
N4295X			Yak-50		private	78-1203
N49265			UC-45J		private '9265'
NL53503			TBM-3E		Confederate AF '309'
N99175			CT-133		ex Canada 21557
PASM = Pima Air and Space Museum
Plus some warbirds (among which a P-51, T-33, F4F, F8F and

81-0974/DM		A-10A		354th FS       
82-0662/DM		OA-10A	        358th FS       
85-0064			B-1B	        127th BS KS ANG
..-..28			B-2A	        509th BW       
93-7311/2		C-130H	        731st AS AFRC  
85-0834/HO		F-117A	        8th FS         
86-0143/MO, 86-0168/MO	F-15C	        390th FS       
89-2086/HL, 89-2108/HL	F-16CG	        4th FS         
82-1027/AZ, 82-1034/AZ	F-16B ADF	162nd FW AZ ANG
90-0790/AZ		F-16DG		162nd FW AZ ANG
162336/TY-65		SH-60B		HSL-47
161008/LL-008		P-3C		VP-30

355th Wing ramps:
79-0120/BD, 79-0149/BD	A-10A		47th FS AFRC
A-10A (OA-10A) 354th FS 'DM' blue:
78-0650, 78-0684, 78-0712, 79-0167, 79-0201, 79-0209,
80-0181, 80-0216, 80-0278, 80-0279, 81-0939
The 78-0650 had a white fintip and "355WG" markings.
A-10A (OA-10A) 357th FS 'DM' yellow:
78-0673, 79-0202, 79-0210, 80-0141, 80-0142, 80-0147,
80-0150, 80-0169, 80-0204, 80-0211, 80-0212, 80-0280,
81-0943, 81-0950
A-10A (OA-10A) 358th FS 'DM' black:
78-0651, 78-0670, 78-0671, 79-0168, 79-0174, 79-0178,
79-0195, 79-0196, 80-0155, 80-0159, 80-0173, 80-0179,
80-0186, 80-0215, 80-0235, 81-0942, 81-0982
Thunderbolts 79-0174 and 80-0155 had white fintips and
"355WG" markings, while 80-0235 did not have a fintip colour.

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