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Davis Monthan 2007

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Date: 17/18 March 2007

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70-0973/AZ		A-7D		pres, PASM              
81-0943/DM	        A-10A	        355th Wg	"355Wg" 
81-0970/DM	        OA-10A	        357th FS                
85-0059/DY	        B-1B	        28th BS                 
63-13295	        WB-57F	        std, AMARC BM074        
91-00517	        RC-12N	        E Co 305th MI Btn       
84-0095		        C-21A	        nn                      
66-0224		        HC-130P	        79th RQS                
73-1580/DM	        EC-130H	        43rd ECS                
58-0017		        KC-135E	        132nd ARS ME ANG        
64-14841/OF	        RC-135V	        38th RS                 
77-0353/OK	        E-3B	        964th AACS              
68-0531/HO	        F-4E	        std, AMARC FP1059       
90-0245/MO	        F-15E	        366th FW	"12AF"  
89-2107/LF	        F-16CG	        308th FS                
53-1525/FU-525	        F-86H	        pres, PASM              
56-3880/420	        QF-100F	        std, AMARC FE639        
59-0043		        QF-106A	        std, AMARC FN0207       
84-0825/HO, 85-0834/HO	F-117A	        8th FS                  
92-00281		CH-47D	        1-189th GSAB            
70-15517	        OH-58A	        nn	"AZ NG"         
90-26228	        HH-60G	        305th RQS               
99-02050	        AH-64D	        E Co 1-285th AVN        
91-0099/RA	        T-1A	        99th FTS                
03-3697/MY	        T-6A	        3rd FTS                 
59-0247/CB	        T-37B	        14th FTW                
64-13304/BB	        T-38A	        1st RS                  
68-8186/HO	        T-38A	        7th CTS                 
70-1584/RA	        T-38C	        435th FTS	"435FTS"
04-0026		        CV-22B	        71st SOS                
761547/(LS-)06	        F-5N	        VMFT-401                
920459/05	        F-16B	        NSAWC                   
166453/NH-113	        F/A-18F	        VFA-41                  
166404/TS-20	        MH-60R	        HSM-41	70-0384         
160508/SH-508	        T-34C	        VMFAT-101               
N217JG		        Lim-5	        ex Poland 306           
N243DM		        T-28B	        ex 140662               
N396ZA		        L-39ZA	        as Russia "106"         
N884TA "248884/TU-43"	T-6G	        ex 49-3190              
N2805J "43-770/EN"	AC-47	        ex 43-16369             
N29853			UF-1G		Red Bull
PASM = Pima Air and Space Museum

Hangar 1440 - behind static:
79-0210/DM,80-0176/DM	A-10A		355th Wg
80-0220/DM		OA-10A	        355th Wg
81-0942/DM		A-10A	        355th Wg

Sun Shelters:
79-0187/DM		A-10A		357th FS            
79-0209/DM		A-10C	        355th Wg            
80-0232/BD		A-10	        47th FS AFRC	17th
80-0236/DM		OA-10A	        354th FS            

A-10A/OA-10A(#)s of 355th Wing 'DM':
78-0651		78-0709		78-0712		79-0167		79-0178	
79-0201		80-0162		80-0168		80-0169		80-0190	
80-0197		80-0211		80-0254		80-0278#	80-0279	
81-0941#	81-0974		81-0982		81-0997		82-0662#	

64-14860		HC-130P		79th RQS	also flying
62-1832, 62-1836	HC-130P	        79th RQS                   
85-01607		C-31A	        USA Para Team              
164105/NY		KC-130T	        VMGR-452                   
161967/1, 161959/2	F/A-18A	        Blue Angels                
161948/3, 161942/4	F/A-18A	        Blue Angels                
163106/5, 162897/6	F/A-18A	        Blue Angels                

Flightline behind sun shelters:
65-0964			HC-130P		79th RQS
88-0521/HL +1		F-16CG		388th FW	also flying
166407/21		MH-60R		HSM-41
+ 1x F-15, 2x T-37 and 1 x F/A-18E/F all nn and Blue Angels no.7.

Show opening fly-by:
79-0188/DM		A-10A		355th Wing	17   
79-0195/DM		OA-10A	        355th Wing	17   
80-0181/DM		OA-10A	        355th Wing	17/18
80-0215/DM		A-10A	        355th Wing	17/18
2x /DM			A-10A	        355th Wing	18   
81-0802/AZ		F-16A	        195th FS AZ ANG	18   
84-1247/AZ		F-16C	        195th FS AZ ANG	18   
84-1375/AZ +1		F-16C	        195th FS AZ ANG	18   

Flying others:
73-1590/DM		EC-130H		43rd ECS	17/18
78-0652/DM,80-0155/DM	A-10A	        355th Wing	17   
80-0203/DM		A-10A	        355th Wing	17   
82-0663/DM		OA-10A	        355th Wing	17   
89-26199, 89-26200	HH-60G	        55th RQS	17   

51-6071/FU-071		F-86L		pole mounted

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