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Dayton 1998

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Date: 18/19 July 1998

Made by:


Static Display: 
F-117A       84-809       "Flying Knights" 
F-16C        86-364/OH    
A-10         79-118       "AFRES" markings on engine 
A-10         79-119       "AFRC" markings on engine 
TA-4J        152850 
F-15E        88-1673/SJ   4th Wing 
F-15E        89-0495/SJ   4th Wing 
F-15C        81-047       2nd FS 
F-15C        82-0033      2nd FS 
FA-18B       161733       brown/tan aggressor scheme 
T-45C        165086       TW-1 
T-2          159727 
F-5E         741558       VFC-13 brown/tan scheme 
E-2C         165293       VAW-120 
T-39N        165513       N305NT 
C-141B                    "Hanoi Taxi" 
C-5A         69-0006      433 AW 
B-1B         86-117/DY    28 BS  "Night Stalker" artwork on port 
C-17A        92-3293      97 AMW AETC "Altus" tail band 
C-130H       90-1794/OH

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