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Dayton 1999

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Date: 24 July 1999

Made by:


70-1557/EN          T-38 
59-2870/ED          T-39 
67-14750/RA         T-37                  (19AF) 
70-0454             C-5                   Altus 
95-0103             C-17                  Altus            "City of Altus" 
84-0190             KC-10                 McGuire 
64-14384            KC-135R               Grissom 
85-0816/HO          F-117 
81-0028/TY          F-15 
80-0046/TY          F-15 
80-0201/KC          A-10 
84-0097             C-21 
65-0261             C-141                 Wright-Patterson "Bonnie Blue" 
73-1590/DM          EC-130H 
79-0210/DM          A-10 
80-0215/DM          A-10 
65-0230             C-141                 McChord 
97-3034/WA          RQ-1A Predator UAV    11 RS 
159168/987          T-2C                  CTW-1           "Marines" 
158094/700          TA-4J                 CTW-1           "A-4 Skyhawk 1954-1999" on fuel tank 
162288/F-61         T-34                  TAW-6 
163049/NK-511       EA-6                  VAQ-139 
165462/A-119        T-45                  TW-2 
165300/641          E-2                   VAW-120 
164179/E-M          SH-60                 HSL-44 
162030/E-66         TH-57                 TAW-5 
158634/AD-123       F-14                  VF-101 Grim Reapers 
161162/AD-250       F-14                  VF-101   "    " 
68-15167            AH-1                  OH-NG 
74-22467            UH-1                  OH-NG 
Plus the Thunderbirds (7x F-16C and 1x F-16D) 

..-.217/OH          F-16C                 178 FW 
..-.327/OH          F-16C                 178 FW 
..-.342/OH          F-16C                 178 FW 

N8272M (XP567)      Jet Provost 
NL2151D (414237)    P-51 
NL2825B (02168)     B-25 
N900RW (238050)     B-17 
N93RW (S-9)         Douglas SBD 
N713JT (97143)      F4U 
N31443 (91044)      SNJ 
N5251V              T-28 
N56YK               Nanchang CJ-6 
N934JT              SNJ 
N44RF (140034)      T-34 
N500DR              T-34 
N400LL (144093)     T-34 
N12252 (550704)     T-34 
N300SH (140779)     T-34 
N34B (530017)       T-34 
N ?  (472218)       P-51                                  "Big Beautiful Doll" 
N ?  (433240)       P-47                                  "Tarheel Hal" 

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