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Dayton 2006

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Date: 29 July 2006

Made by:


79-0150/BD		A-10A		47th FS AFRC        
80-0222/BC		OA-10A	        172nd FS MI ANG     
80-0258/BC, 80-0269/BC	A-10A	        172nd FS MI ANG     
81-0947/FT		OA-10A	        74th FS             
82-0657/FT	        A-10A	        74th FS             
60-0020/LA	        B-52H	        20th BS	"20BS"      
61-0029/BD	        B-52H	        93rd BS AFRC        
70-0448			C-5A	        337th AS AFRC       
94-0065	                C-17A	        97th AMW            
84-0123	                C-21A	        375th AW            
90-1796	                C-130H	        164th AS OH ANG     
62-3511	                KC-135R	        145th ARS OH ANG    
68-0338	                F-4E	        wfu		cockpit only
82-0980/ND, 82-1012/ND	F-16A	        178th FS ND ANG     
86-0262/OH "162FS"	F-16C	        162nd FS OH ANG     
88-1672/SJ, 88-1675/SJ	F-15E	        336th FS            
74-22419		UH-1V	        D/1-137th AVN OH    
79-23346	        UH-60A	        A/1-137thAVN OH     
95-0062/CB	        T-1A	        48th FTS            
03-3701/MY	        T-6A	        3rd FTS             
66-8006/EN	        T-37B	        89th FTS            
68-8121/XL	        T-38C	        87th FTS            
161242/CB-04	        EA-6B	        VMAQ-1              
163046/AG-500	        EA-6B	        VAQ-140             
165387/WP-07	        AV-8B	        VMA-223             
164108/620, 165818/650	E-2C	        VAW-120             
164273/DC-06		F/A-18C	        VMFA-122            
158585/F-806	        T-2C	        TW-6                
161197/G-327	        TC-12B	        TW-4                
159364/F-25	        CT-39G	        VT-86               
162030/E-66	        TH-57C	        TW-5                
164070/JA-54	        SH-60F	        VX-1                
166406/JA-51	        MH-60R	        VX-1                
165968/F-968	        T-6A	        TW-6                
165979/F-979	        T-6A	        TW-6                
N601NA			S-3B	        NASA                
N843NA	                F/A-18A	        NASA Dryden         
N44V	                C-47	        ex 41-38596         
N62KB	                CJ-6A	        ex China 3832023/74 
N149HF	                C-7A	        ex 62-4149          
N906HF	                U-21G	        ex 70-15906         
N2581B	                OY-1	        as L-5G "418059"    
N7265C	                PV-2C	        ex Bu37396          
N63884	                BT-13A	        ex 41-9599          

90-0806/SW		F-16CJ		20th FW     
92-3923/SW	        F-16CJ	        20th FW     
00-26873	        HH-60L	        nn (Medevac)
163864/WP-15	        AV-8B	        VMA-223     
165003/WP-03	        AV-8B	        VMA-223     
164763			C-130T	        Blue Angels 
161967/1, 161959/2	F/A-18A	        Blue Angels 
161960/3, 161942/4	F/A-18A	        Blue Angels 
162897/5, 163106/6	F/A-18A	        Blue Angels 
161943/7		F/A-18B	        Blue Angels 
N138AM			P-38J	        ex 44-23314 
N624HF	                UH-1H	        ex 66-16624 
N104HF	                UH-1H	        ex 68-16104 
N354HF	                UH-1H	        ex 69-15354 
N830HF	                AH-1F	        ex 66-15283 
N826HF	                AH-1F	        ex 67-15826 
N998HF	                AH-1F	        ex 71-20998 
N233LE	                AH-1F	        ex 79-23233 
N599HF	                TAH-1P	        ex 76-22599 
NX2047 as "Kate 310"	Harvard Mk4	ex Canada 20292
N3725G "Kate A11-356"	AT-6D		ex 42-84905
N4447 as "Zero A1-111"	Harvard Mk4	ex Canada 20450
N7754 as "Zero V-107"	Harvard Mk4	ex Canada 20424
NX9097 as "Zero A1-112"	Harvard Mk4	ex Canada 20367
NX15797 "Zero A1-114"	Harvard Mk4	ex Canada 20408
NX15799 "Zero A1-113"	Harvard Mk4	ex Canada 20326
N67208 as "Val A1-257"	BT-13A		ex ?
N246Z			AT-6C		ex SAAF 7246

Flying only:
86-0302/OH, 86-0327/OH	F-16C		162nd FS OH ANG
87-0283/OH "178FW"	F-16C		162nd FS OH ANG
87-0342/OH		F-16C		162nd FS OH ANG

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