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Dayton 2008

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Date: 19 July 2008

Made by:


188769 			CF-188 		425 sq  
J-647 		        F-16AM 		306 sq  
79-0209/DM 	        A-10C 		355th FW 
80-0204/DM 	        OA-10A 		355th FW
70-0448 		C-5A 		89th AS AFRC       
79-1950                 KC-10A 		60th AMW         
98-0051                 C-17A 		58th AS           
89-9102                 C-130H 		757th AS AFRC    
59-1444                 KC-135R 	121st ARW OH ANG
61-2672/OF 		OC-135B 	45th RS      
87-0189/SJ              F-15E 		335th FS       
89-0502/SJ              F-15E 		335th FS       
86-0262/OH              F-16C 		"162 FS" OH ANG
69-6655 		UH-1N 		1st HS
94-0141/CB 		T-1A 		12th FTW
06-3814 /CB 		T-6A 		37th FTS
68-8134/RA 		T-38C 		560th FTS
68-8135/RA 		T-38C 		560th FTS "12 OG"
73-1151/RA 		CT-43A 		562nd FTS
86-01663 		CH-47D 		nmks            
97-05045                AH-64D 		8-229th AVN ARes
01-05277                AH-64D 		8-229th AVN ARes
01-05281                AH-64D 		8-229th AVN ARes
166359/HU-735 		MH-60S 		HSC-2
158570/570 		P-3C 		VP-30
165971/F-971 		T-6A 		TW-6
160053/F-18 		T-39G 		VT-86  
160493/E-493 		T-34C           TW-5   
160497/E-497            T-34C           TW-5   
165603/A-161            T-45C           VT-7   
165626/A-184            T-45C           VT-9   
165642/B-288            T-45C           TW-2   
162230/CY-02            EA-6B           VMAQ-2 
164355/AA-603 		E-2C+           VAW-125
164978/AB-213           F/A-18C `	VMFA-251
164950/AB-201           F/A-18C 	VMFA-251
165850/EG-09 		MV-22B 		VMM-263
N71HP 			AS350 		Ohio Highway Patrol
N260SP 			Pitts S-2S 	Oracle/Sean Tucker
N540WS                  Edge 540 	Bill Stein          
N607NA                  DHC-6 		Glenn NASA (s/n 4)     
N771TA                  EA300/L 	Tutima               
N843NA                  F/A-18A 	Edwards NASA         
N910HP                  Ce182T 		Ohio Hghw Patrol      

Flying/Hot Ramp:
70-0457 		C-5A 		89th AS AFRC
90-1794 		C-130H 		164th AS OH ANG
05-3146 		C-130J-30 	48th AS
93-0540/SW 		F-16CJ 		55th FS
93-0546/SW              F-16CJ 		55th FS
03-4048/FF              F-22A 		27th FS 
04-4065/FF              F-22A 		27th FS 
165797/AD-213 		F/A-18F 	VFA-106
166677/AD-234 		F/A-18F 	VFA-106
N204FE 			B727-2S2F 	FedEx

Starfighters Demo Team:
N104RB 			CF-104D 	ex CAF 104702
N104RD                  CF-104 		ex CAF 104850 
N104RN                  CF-104 		ex CAF 104759 

Army Aviation Heritage Foundation:
N160HF 			UH-1D 		ex USAR 68-16104
N345HF                  UH-1D           ex USAR 68-15354
N426HF                  UH-1D           ex USAR 70-16426

N151W 			P-51D 		ex USAAF 41-11540
N240CA 			F4U-4B 		ex USN 97359    
N3267G                  SNJ-5 		ex USN 51971     
N451MG                  P-51D 		ex USAAF 41-74474 
N791MH                  T-6G 		ex USAF 51-14791  
N7462C                  AT-6F 		ex USAAF 44-82489 
N8640E                  C-45H 		ex USAF 52-10580 
N9079Z                  TB-25N 		ex USAAF 44-30734
N991GM                  T-6G 		(88-17575)        

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