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Dayton-James M . Cox AP 1993

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Date: 24/25 July 1993

Made by:


78-0628/-, 78-0642/-  A-10A        131st FS MA ANG
86-0098/EL            B-1B         28th BW
60-0028/FC            B-52H        325th BS
85-0005               C-5B         436th AW
86-0036/SJ            KC-10A       911th ARS
67-22584              C-9A         11th AAS
84-0144               C-12F        47th ALS
84-0096               C-21A        47th ALS
86-0458               C-26A        166th FS OH ANG
91-0104/HW            C-27A        310th ALS
64-0551               MC-130E      8th SOS
60-0372               C-135E       4950th TW
62-3530               KC-135R      19th ARW
66-7953               C-141B       356th ALS AFRes
80-0138/OK            E-3C         963rd AWACS
84-1041/BH            RF-4C        106th RS AL ANG
69-7295/WA            F-4G         561st FS
78-0471/TY,78-0514/TY F-15C        1st FS
87-0196/SJ            F-15E        334th FS
89-0499/SJ            F-15E        4th Wing "4OG"
80-0500/DO            F-16A        89th FS
80-0540/DO            F-16A        "89FS"
57-2513               F-106B       475th WEG "Chase"
59-0043/AD227         QF-106A      475th WEG
66-0055/CC            EF-111A      "429ECS"
90-0401               T-1A         64th FTW
60-0121/KI            T-37B        410th BW
62-3653/BB            T-38A        9th Wing
69-7537               UH-1N        1st HS
N802AP                E-9A         475th WEG
80-23377              RC-12D       US Army
88-1863               C-23B        1109th AVCRAD
67-15640              AH-1S        4-107thACR OH ANG
84-24249              AH-64A       US Army
62-5874               OV-1D        641st AEB OR ANG
153517/A-712          TA-4J        TW-1
162683/E-121          TH-57C       TW-5
162583/HV-415         SH-2F        HSL-32
160143/AG-701         S-3B         VS-31
158584/F-815          T-2C         TW-6
162271/F-73           T-34C        TW-6
N301NT/F-01           T-39N        VT-86
160971/G-911          T-44A        TW-4
163607/B-207          T-45A        TW-2
114023                CT-114       431sq
130320                CC-130E      436sq
188926                CF-18B       425sq
3866                  F-4F         JG71
5093                  C-160D       LTG61
ZA459/AJ-B, ZD851/AJ  Tornado GR1  617sq
N44V                  C-47         Piedmont
N424EX                B727-134C    Emery
N340JS                EMB120RT     USAir Express
N617AU                B757-2B7     USAir
N68050                DC10-10CF    Federal Express

Hangar near static:
N842JS, N847JS        BAe3101      USAir Express
N270SF                Ce501        nn
N650TC, N651TC        Ce650        nn

85-1608/GK-002        C-31A        Golden Knights
69-0247/WA            F-4G         561st FS
90-0741/SW,90-767/SW  F-16C        17th FS
..-16460, 72-21583    UH-1H        354th MedDet
163229/AD-100         F-14B        VF-101
162019/E-55           TH-57C       TW-5
156713/F-826          T-2C         TW-6
161584/WP-01          AV-8B        VMA-233
162074/WP-02          AV-8B        VMA-233
3816                  F-4F         JG71
EX-02                 IA-63        Argentine AF
3465                  C-130H       Brazil AF
T27s of Esquadrilha Du Fumala:
1311, 1314, 1320, 1328, 1331, 1377, 1411, 1418, 1445

80-515/DO	      F-16A	   89th FS
3x		      F-16A	   89th FS

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