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Dyess 2006

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Date: 21 May 2006

Made by:


(56-1733)		T-33A		i/a

78-0673/DM		A-10A		357th FS	"355W"
80-0207/DM		A-10A	        357th FS              
85-0061/DY, 85-0064/DY	B-1B	        28th BS               
60-0059/LA		B-52H	        96th BS	"96BS"        
02-1100		        C-17A	        437th AW              
84-0126		        C-21A	        375th AW              
74-1666		        C-130H	        40th AS               
99-1933		        EC-130J	        193rd SOS PA ANG      
81-0037/FF, 83-0036/FF	F-15C	        71st FS               
89-0500/SJ		F-15E	        334th FS              
87-0293/FS, 87-0317/FS	F-16C	        184th FS AR ANG       
04-3755/VN		T-6A	        33rd FTS              
67-22244/VN	        T-37B	        8th FTS               
66-4343/EN	        T-38A	        90th FTS              
68-8179/WM	        T-38A	        394th CTS             
165515/F-07	        T-39N	        VT-86                 
Thunderbolt 78-0673 was towed to the Flightline North.

Flightline West (in front of static):
78-0546/EG		F-15C		58th FS
78-0549/EG		F-15C		60th FS
6x			F-16C		Thunderbirds
1x			F-16D		Thunderbirds

Flightline North:
62-1799*		C-130E		40th AS     
74-1677, 74-2063*	C-130H	        nmks/40th AS
74-1689, 74-2072	C-130H	        40th AS     
74-2134*		C-130H	        39th AS     
* = also flying

Flightline South:
85-0059/DY, 85-0065/DY	B-1B		28th BS               
85-0069/DY		B-1B	        9th BS	"9BS/CC"      
85-0073/DY, 85-0080/DY	B-1B	        9th BS                
85-0089/DY, 86-0098/DY	B-1B	        28th BS               
85-0090/DY		B-1B	        7th BW (13BS mks)     
86-0100/-, 86-0103/-	B-1B	        nmks/7th BW           
86-0101/DY, 86-0107/DY	B-1B	        28th BS               
86-0110/DY*, 86-0112/DY	B-1B	        9th BS                
86-0123/DY		B-1B	        28th BS               
86-0137/DY		B-1B	        7th BW (13BS mks)     
98-0053			C-17A	        97th AMW	"58AS"
63-7769			C-130E	        317th AG	913th AW mks
63-7868			C-130E	        317th AG 	143rd AS mks             
68-10941		C-130E	        i/a                   
74-1665, 74-1688	C-130H	        40th AS               
74-1674, 74-1691	C-130H	        39th AS               
74-2067, 74-2132	C-130H	        39th AS               
N25YR			TB-25N	        43-27868/8U           
NX28NB			AT-28D	        53-138287/TX-028      
N47HL			CC-129	        ex Canada 12909       
N53HM			Yak-52A	        as "HM-53"            
NX60DJ as Zero "AI-101"	Harvard MkIV	ex Canada 20473
N217SH			Lim-5		ex 1611
N520HT (181)		T-34A		as 'USAF CG150'
N884TA "42-48884"	T-6G		ex 49-3190
N1166B			O-2A		ex 67-21383
N2047 as Kate "310"	Harvard Mk.IV	ex Canada 20292
N2861G			SNJ-6 Texan	ex 112148
N3646G			Harvard Mk.II	ex AJ688
N5428V			P-51D		ex 44-73264
N7024C			SNJ-4 Texan	ex 27821
NX9060F			T-28B		ex 138164/
N9272C "93-555"		Harvard Mk.IIa	ex 7303
N38333			J-3		nn	c/n 6943
N40265			PT-26A		as "32"
N65666 "40-1742"	N2S-3		ex 07714/280
NX92879			SB2C-5		ex 83589/32

Hangars visible from static:
63-7852			C-130E		nmks/317th AG  
74-1673	                C-130H	        nmks/40th AS   
83-0489	                C-130H	        139th AS NY ANG
86-1393	                C-130H	        180th AS MO ANG
The tails of these four Hercules were sticking out of the hangar.

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