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Edwards 1989

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Date: 29 October 1989

Made by: Pieter Bes


N405FS		F-100F		Flight Systems		
N809NA		B-57B		NASA Dryden		
52-0008		NB-52D		NASA Dryden		
82-0003		X-29A		NASA Dryden		
67-15645	AH-1S	 	USAAEFA	
68-15814	JCH-47C	  	USAAEFA	
66-18008	JU-21A	 	USAAEFA	
88-26015	JUH-60A		USAAEFA	
70-15349	OH-58C	 	USAAEFA	
70-16296	UH-1H	 	USAAEFA	
75-0265/DM	A-10A		355TTW		
76-0515/DM	A-10A	        355TTW		
69-6191/ED	A-7D	        6512TS		
55-0046		AC-130A		711SOS/AFRES
61-0860/HM	AT-38B	        479TTW			
85-0070		B-1B	        96BW			
60-0020/ED	B-52H	        6512TS			
67-0005		C-141B	        63MAW			
86-0012		C-5B	        60MAW			
81-0004		E-3C	        965AWCS			
61-0646/HI	F-105D		Preserved
57-2513		F-106B		B1 Chase plane
68-0089/ED	F-111D	        6512TS			
84-0046/ED	F-15D	        6512TS			
86-0183/ED	F-15E	        6512TS			
80-0635/ED	F-16B	        6512TS			
83-1118/ED	F-16C	        6512TS			
66-0284/ED	F-4E	        6512TS			
69-7288/WW	F-4G	        562TFS			
56-3645		KC-135A	        92BW			
64-0559		MC-130E	        8SOS			
75-0750		NF-16A	        6512TS			
73-1090/ED	NOA-37B	        6512TS			
65-0850/ED	RF-4C	        6512TS			
64-17972	SR-71A		9SRW
68-8158/ED	T-38A	        6512TS		
69-6634/ED	UH-1N	        6512TS		
71-0290		YF-15B	        6512TS		
162163/RW-31	C-2A	        VRC30		
160589/NK-703	S-3A	        VS37		
162580/TG-42	SH-2F		HSL35/Det2

Hangar/Static open:
N802NA		F-8C		NASA Dryden
N825NA		TF-104G		NASA Dryden
63-7409/ED	F-4C	        6512TS		
66-0294/ED	F-4E	        6512TS		
84-0476/ED	MC-130H	        6512TS		
84-0492		T-46A	        6512TS		
80-1090		TR-1A	        9SRW	        
NASA Area:
N810NA		CV990		NASA Dryden		
N814NA		L1329-6		NASA Dryden	
54-0683		C-123K		Preserved		
61-0810		T-38A		6512TS/Preservd
73-1664		YA-10B	        6512TS

Platform behind static:
78-0634/WI	A-10A		176TFS/WI ANG   
67-14582/ED	A-7D	        6512TS          
71-0339/ED	A-7D	        6512TS          
72-0214/MI	A-7D	        107TFS/MI ANG   
67-0115/ED	F-111E		6512TS	
63-7407/ED	F-4C		6512TS	
63-7408/ED	F-4C		6512TS	
63-7654/ED	F-4C		6512TS	
64-0727/ED	F-4C		6512TS	
64-0869/ED	F-4C		6512TS	
65-0670/ED	F-4D		6512TS	
66-0282/ED	F-4D		6512TS	
66-7483/ED	F-4D		6512TS	
66-0319/ED	F-4E		6512TS	
66-0329/ED	F-4E		6512TS	
68-0254/ED	FB-111A		6512TS	
63-7744/ED	RF-4C		6512TS	
65-0941/ED	RF-4C		6512TS	
61-0825/ED	T-38A		6512TS	
63-8135/ED	T-38A		6512TS	
65-10325/ED	T-38A		6512TS	
65-10402/ED	T-38A		6512TS	
67-14856/ED	T-38A		6512TS	
67-14943/ED	T-38A		6512TS	
68-8153/ED	T-38A		6512TS	
68-8154/ED	T-38A		6512TS	
70-1558/ED	T-38A		6512TS	
70-1559/ED	T-38A		6512TS	
70-1579/ED	T-38A		6512TS	
65-0713/ED	YF-4E		6512TS	

70-16331	UH-1H			
69-6194/ED	A-7D		6512TS		
69-6195/ED	A-7D		6512TS		
69-6216/ED	A-7D		6512TS		
84-0049/ED	B-1B		6512TS		
57-6519/ED	B-52G		6512TS
66-0053		F-111A		6512TS		
77-0166/ED	F-15B		6512TS		
86-0184/ED	F-15E		6512TS		
79-0409/ED	F-16A		6512TS		
80-0550/ED	F-16A		6512TS		
81-0813/ED	F-16A		6512TS		
78-0099/ED	F-16B		6512TS		
66-0289/ED	F-4E		6512TS		
66-0291/ED	F-4E		6512TS		
66-0377/ED	F-4E		6512TS		
55-3135		NKC-135E	4950TW/ASD
67-14790/ED	NOA-37B		6512TS		
70-1310/ED	NOA-37B		6512TS	
64-1004/ED	RF-4C		6512TS
70-1574/ED	T-38A		6512TS	
69-6635/ED	UH-1N		6512TS	
69-6653/ED	UH-1N		6512TS	

Flying only:
68-10339	U-2R		9SRW

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