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Edwards 1998

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Date: 3 October 1998

Made by:


114054        CT-114        RCAF 
55-3135       KC-135 
59-0249       T-37B         "XL" 
59-2870       NT-39A        "ED" 
60-3478       NT-39A        "ED" 
60-0582       T-38          "ED" 
61-0904       AT-38B        "ED" 
61-7967       SR-71         "BB" 
61-7971       SR-71         "BB" 
63-7407       F-4           "ED" 
63-8135       T-38          "ED" 
64-13197      T-38          "ED" 
64-13302      AT-38B        "ED" 
64-14846      RC-135V       "OF"                55th Wing, also reported as 64-14849!!! 
68-8154       T-38          "ED" 
74-0141       F-15          "NASA836" 
76-0116       F-15A         "ED" 
76-0140       F-15B         "ED" 
78-0096       F-16          "ED" 
78-0100       F-16B         "ED"                 
78-0578       E-3B          "AK"                3rd Wing 
79-10782      F-117A        "ED"                 
79-10783      F-117A        "ED" 
80-0633       F-16B         "ED" 
80-1063       U-2           NASA 
81-0891       EC-18B        "AFMC" 
81-0892       C-18          "AFMC" 
81-0894       C-18          "AFMC" 
83-0119       F-16C         "ED" 
83-1176       F-16D         "AFTI" 
85-0082       B-1B          "ED" 
85-24453      UH-60 
86-0037       KC-10A                            60th AMW 
86-9040       AH-60 
87-0180       F-15E         "ED" 
87-0392       F-16D         "ED" 
91-4002       F-22A         "ED" 
94-0555       RQ-1A 
95-2001       GLOBAL EAGLE 
96-0007       C-17          315/437 AW 
8103          RG-8          USCG 
153030/145    QF-4N 
158443        CH-46E        "ML423"  HMM764 
161705        F-18          "NASA851" 
162396        F/A-18A       "WTS" 
164585        X-31 
165327        AH-1W         "WR734" 
NASA008       B-52B                             NASA Dryden RC 
NASA707       NC-130A                           NASA Ames RC 
NASA806       ER-2                              NASA Dryden RC 
NASA836       F-15B                             NASA Dryden RC 
NASA849       F-16XL                            NASA Dryden RC 
NASA911       B747-SR46                         NASA Dryden RC 

76-0134       F-15B         412th TW            sonic boom demo, also noted as 76-0130!!! 
82-0046       F-15D         "ED" 
78-0096       F-16B         "ED" 
80-0635       F-16B         412th TW            sonic boom demo 
88-0445       F-16C         "ED" 
65-10325      T-38A         "ED" 
70-1558       T-38A         "ED" 

B-1 (x2), B-52, KC-135 (x2), C-130, C-141, T-39, C-12 

NASA831       SR-71 
C-17 in hangar, C-18 (x2) farside, UH-1N 

N19TB         F-8 
N4103Y        HUNTER F58   "J4103" 
NX58WJ        HUNTER F58   "J4060" 

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