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Date: 25 October 2003

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L-39C Albatros, USAF
The USAF is operating a number of aircraft of former "enemies". One of the latest is this L-39C Albatros. It is registrated as N439RS but is also carries a military serial: 00-0439/ED.

Photo Roger Kemp

LX-N90442		E-3A		NAEW&CF           
85-0073/DY	        B-1B	        9th BS            
73-1215/ED	        C-12C	        418th FLTS        
01-0194		        C-17A	        437th AW          
85-1607		        C-31A	        USA Para Team     
62-3534		        KC-135R	        99th ARS          
73-0114/ED	        F-15B	        445th FLTS        
86-0184/ED	        F-15E	        445th FLTS        
86-0048/ED	        NF-16D	        416th FLTS        
87-0352/ED, 88-0456/ED	F-16CG	        416th FLTS        
92-0407/ED		F-16A	        416th FLTS "412OG"
92-0454/ED	        F-16B	        416th FLTS        
91-4002/ED	        F/A-22A	        411th FLTS        
79-10782/ED	        YF-117A	        410th FLTS        
02-26992	        UH-60L	        D/158th AVN ARes  
99-3059		        RQ-1K	        57th Wg           
00-2006/ED	        RQ-4A	        452nd FLTS        
99-3558/RA	        T-6A	        558th FTS "558FTS"
64-13302/ED	        T-38C	        445th FLTS        
68-8153/ED, 70-1574/ED	T-38A	        445th FLTS        
80-1067/WR		U-2S	        9th RW            
164941		        CV-22A	        418th FLTS        
153980/ML-433	        CH-46E	        HMM-764           
165344/MS-487	        CH-53E	        HMH-769           
52-0008		        NB-52B	        NASA Dryden       
N847NA/161520	        F-18A	        NASA Dryden       
N853NA/161744	        F-18A	        NASA Dryden       
N905NA			B747-123	NASA Johnson    
N34	                TC-47B		ex 44-77027             
N45CV	                L-5E		ex 44-17944             
N46XA	                Alpha Jet A	ex Germany 40+46
N306CW	                CT-133AN	ex Canada 21306 
N653DB	                T-28C		ex 140653               
NX712Z	                A6M3 Zero	nn, c/n 3869    
N1038A	                SNJ-5		ex 90917                
N1978Z	                F6F-5		nn, c/n A-5634          
N12253 "5148"		T-34A		ex 55-0148
N30801			B-25J		ex 44-30801
N38453 "1487"		Sabre 6		ex SAAF 378
N41125			MiG-15UTI	ex Poland, c/n 242266
N53594			C-46F		ex 44-78663
Plus the experimental X-34 Re-usable re-entry vehicle and X-45 UCAV.

80-0142/DM		OA-10A		357th FS "355 Wg" 
80-0151/DM		OA-10A	        358th FS "355 Wg" 
87-0025/ED		C-17A	        418th FLTS        
70-1261			C-130E	        43rd AW           
98-1355			C-130J	        135th AS MD ANG   
64-14836		KC-135R	        91st ARS          
76-0116/ED, 77-0139/ED	F-15A	        445th FLTS        
76-0132/ED		F-15B	        445th FLTS        
80-0041/ED		F-15C	        445th FLTS        
82-0046/ED		F-15D	        445th FLTS        
82-1047/ED, 83-1172/ED	F-16B	        416th FLTS        
83-1119/ED		F-16C	        416th FLTS        
86-0359/ED		F-16C	        416th FLTS "412TW"
90-0952/ED		F-16B	        416th FLTS "412TW"
92-0406/ED		F-16A	        416th FLTS        
92-0452/ED, 92-0453/ED	F-16B	        416th FLTS        
98-0005, 00-0222	F-16CJ	        416th FLTS        
N439RS as 00-0439/ED	L-39C	        445th FLTS        
61-0904/ED		AT-38B	        445th FLTS        
64-13197/ED		T-38C	        445th FLTS        
65-10325/ED		T-38A	        445th FLTS        
68-8154/ED, 68-8205/ED	T-38A	        445th FLTS        
NX186AM			F-86F	        ex 52-5012        
N2580			F-51D Mk2	ex 67-22580
codes 1-5,7		F-16C		Thunderbirds
code 8			F-16D		Thunderbirds

Behind hangars:
162496/MS-481		CH-53E		HMH-769
162502/MS-483 +1	CH-53E		HMH-769
64-0504			C-130E		43rd AW

Flightlines far side:
84-0049/ED +1		B-1B		419th FLTS
82-1068/ED		B-2A		419th FLTS
91-4005/ED		F/A-22A		411th FLTS

Flying only:
79-10783/ED		YF-117A		410th FLTS

(00-0001)		YAL-1A		452nd FLTS
60-0050			B-52H		419th FLTS
76-0158/ED, 76-0161/ED	C-12C		418th FLTS
76-0166			C-12C		418th FLTS
96-7322			C-130H		731st AS AFRC
55-3135			NKC-135E	452nd FLTS
61-0320			KC-135R		452nd FLTS
(61-0025)		NB-52H		NASA Dryden

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