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Eglin 2007

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Date: 15/16 April 2007

Made by:


81-0989/ET		A-10C		40th FLTS          
86-0136/OT	        B-1B	        46th TW mks        
60-0049/OT	        B-52H	        49th FLTS "49TES'" 
84-0098		        C-21A	        47th AF            
85-01607	        C-31A	        USA Para Team      
66-0217		        MC-130P	        9th SOS            
89-0509		        AC-130U	        4th SOS            
57-1479		        KC-135R	        756th ARS AFRC     
72-0135/TD	        QF-4E	        82nd ATRS          
81-0062/EG	        F-15D	        58th FS            
82-0033/EG		F-15C		58th FS
86-0188		        F-15E	        40th FLTS "46TW"   
86-0220/WA-20	        F-16C	        64th AGRS          
90-0836/ET	        F-16DJ	        40th FLTS          
02-4033/TY	        F-22A	        43rd FS            
79-10784/ED	        YF-117A	        410th FLTS         
69-6617/ET	        UH-1N	        40th FLTS          
67-14995	        MH-53M	        16th SOW           
05-3774/XL	        T-6A	        84th FTS           
65-10825/EN	        T-37B	        89th FTS           
70-1558/CB	        T-38C	        14th FTW           
05-0028		        CV-22B	        nn                 
162823/E-137	        TH-57C	        TW-5               
165902/NE-203	        F/A-18E	        VFA-137		dep Sun am
165909/NE-212	        F/A-18E	        VFA-137		dep Sun am
6565		        HH-65C	        CGAS New Orleans   
And the Thunderbirds with seven F-16Cs and one F-16D.

Hangar/shelters on Sunday 16th:
82-0025/ET		F-15C		40th FLTS
86-0184/ET, 86-0185/ET	F-15E	        40th FLTS
90-0799/OT		F-16DG	        85th TES 
90-0841/OT		F-16DJ	        85th TES 
90-0950/ET		F-16B	        40th FLTS
97-0106/OT, 97-0107/OT	F-16CJ	        85th TES 
98-0004/OT		F-16CJ	        85th TES 

79-0177/ET		A-10A		40th FLTS             
65-0991, 69-5822	MC-130P	        9th SOS               
69-5827			MC-130P	        9th SOS               
76-0140/ED		F-15B	        wfu? 445th FLTS mks   
86-0184/ET, 86-0185/ET	F-15E	        40th FLTS	hangar
78-0102/ET		F-16B	        wfu? 46th TW mks      
84-0046/ET	        F-15D	        40th FLTS	hangar
89-2173/ET	        F-16DG	        49th FLTS             
97-0106/OT	        F-16CJ	        85th TES              
98-0005/OT	        F-16DJ	        85th TES "85TES"      

79-0081/EG		F-15C		60th FS

NX28NB			T-28D		ex 138287
NX60DJ "Zero AI-101"	Harvard Mk4	ex Canada 20473
N104RB			CF-104D		ex Canada 104632
N500EJ	                C-54E	        ex 44-09144     
NX556RH	                T-33A	        ex 58-0665      
NL744CG	                B-25J	        ex 44-28866     
NX5543U	                T-28B	        ex 140047       
NX9060F	                T-28B	        ex 138164       
N9079Z	                B-25J	        ex 44-30734     
N62163	                B-25J	        ex 44-86697     
Plus a small number of additional light civil aircraft.

The show was cancelled on Saturday because of very bad weather. Sunday's show 
went ahead but was restricted because of high wind speeds.

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