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Eielson 1996

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Date: 2 June 1996

Made by:


13802                 CC-138       440sq
133572                CT-133A      417sq
188930                CF-188A      410sq
ZG508/77              Harrier GR7  3sq/4sq
75-0289               A-10A        BDRF
81-0969/AK            A-10A        355th FS
81-0995/AK "355FS"    A-10A        355th FS
60-0015/MT            B-52H        23rd BS
83-0080               KC-10A       60th AMW
84-0147/AK            C-12F        517th AS
84-0091/OF            C-21A        55th Wing
N1837M                C-46         Everts Air Fuels
74-2062 "3WG"         C-130H       517th AS
1706                  HC-130H      USCG Kodiak
63-8043               KC-135R      168th ARS AK ANG
77-0351/AK            E-3B         962nd AACS
81-0043/AK            F-15C        54th FS
90-0233/AK "90FS"     F-15E        90th FS
89-2121/AK "18FS"     F-16C        18th FS
89-2172/AK "11AF"     F-16D        18th FS
90-0192               CH-47D       B/4-123rd Avn
80-23436              UH-60A       D/123rd Avn
6523                  HH-65A       USCG Kodiak
73-1154               CT-43A       50th TS
N27PH/136791          C-1A         ex AMARC 7C009
N169LM                Sh330        BLM
N7962C/126            PB4Y         Hawkins & Powers
137790/N104SF         T-28B

78-0807/OK            C-130H       185th AS OK ANG
88-0474/HL "388FW"    F-16C        388th FW
88-0507/HL "388FW"    F-16C        388th FW

59-1521, 63-8015      KC-135R      168th ARS AK ANG
63-8876               KC-135R      168th ARS AK ANG

59-1461               KC-135R      168th ARS AK ANG

Compound at north end of field:
64-0905/FC            F-4C
78-0039, 78-0052      F-16A
68-11003              O-2A
150185/TF-22          SH-2F         HSL-33

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