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El Centro 2014

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NAF El Centro Airshow
Date: 15 March 2014
J-018/AZ F-16AM 148th FS  
ZJ174 Apache AH1 AAC $
163115/215 F/A-18B VMFAT-101  
165220/AD-361 F/A-18C VFA-106  
166796/NA-101 F/A-18F VFA-22  
168888/AD-266 F/A-18F VFA-106  
168772/NJ-534 EA-18G VAQ-129  
168898/NJ-524 EA-18G VAQ-129  
164076/EC SH-60F El Centro wfu 70-3879
167050/35 MH-60R HSM-35  
166296/7H-04 MH-60S NAS Fallon 70-4249
168553/14 MH-60S HSC-14  
160475/475 T-34C SFWPAC  
‘2811’ L-29 Czech mks ex CCCP-43978
N2AN An-2R   ex China, 1832046
N26CJ CJ6A   ex 42-68864
NX163BP/268864 RP-63A   ex 51-11472
N181MH/4P-472 C-45H   ex China
N313YK CJ6A   ex Bu138203
N372C/138203 T-28B   ex 3869
N712Z A6M3-22   ex Netherlands E-11
N911J/E-11 S-11   ex Bu70222
N1078Z F6F-5    
N1140 Beech D18S   ex Bu66302
N2871G PB4Y-2G   ex Bu84843, 42-84793
N3680F//42-84793 SNJ-5   ex 53-4193, G-55
N12281/293 T-34A   ex 42-38349
NC18906 UC-40D   ex 44-30801
N30801/430801 VB-25N   ex 44-72739
NL44727/414292 P-51D   ex 42-68830
N45366 C-53   ex 41-15296
N48742/269 PT-22   ex 41-1946
N48777/946 PT-22   ex 41-15596
N53271/596 PT-22   ex Israel 044
N60154/476423 C-47B   ex Bu38393
N63555/555 N2S-3   ex 54-4001
N64606/44001 H-21B   ex Canada 3832
N96281 Harvard MkII    
ZJ181, ZJ215, ZJ216 Apache AH1 AAC  
165910/NJ-117 F/A-18F VFA-122  
165927/NJ-146 F/A-18F VFA-122  
163106/4, 163437/2 F/A-18C Blue Angels  
163442/3, 163498/1 F/A-18C Blue Angels  
163468/7 F/A-18D Blue Angels  
164763 C-130T Blue Angels  
(77-0464)/N70464/AF UV-18B 98th FTS  
-159798 TA-4J pr. inside gate, along road  
159901/AD-500 A-6E pres on base, near ramps  
160996 A-6E pres, on ramp  
154476 A-7B pr. inside gate, along road  
-151979 RF-4B pr. inside gate, along road  
F-11A pr. inside gate, along road  
159620/NH-01 F-14A pr. inside gate, along road  


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