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Ellington 2019

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Houston Ellington, TX (USA)

Wings over Houston Air Show

19 October 2019

(71-0295) A-7D   cockpit section only
85-0009 C-5M 68th AS  
97-0044 C-17A 89th AS  
94-0264 RC-26B 111st RS  
75-0745 F-16A   traveling exhibit
88-0545/OK F-16C 125th FS  
11-4120/TX MQ-1B 111st RS marked 14ATKW
02-3651/CB T-6A 41st FTS  
11-05708 AH-64D 1-149th AVN  
6581 MH-65D Houston  
71 bleu L-39 cockpit  
N26AZ TF-100F as 63-951/SS ex Denmark GT-844
N1954Z HU-16C as 142362  
N246MH MH1521M as 246/30-QA  
N524CF TA-4F as 153524/TM-08  
NX749CF F-4D as 37-680/FP ex USAF 65-0749
N900RW B-17G as 238050 ex USAAF 44-85718
N909NA T-38N NASA  
N7678F HH-46E as 157678/01  
(N12964) OH-6A as 65-12964  
NX14WB F8F-2 as 122619/P-14  
N21EV MiG-21UM as Czech AF 1071  
NX43RW F4U-5N as 121881/RW-21  
NL51MV P-51D as 45-11391/00  
NL51VF P-51D as 472934 ex USAAF 45-11553
N93RW A-24B as 42-54682/S-9  
N182FX Cornell 2   ex FX182
N197L Beech D18S as KR-411 NOT ex mil
(N333RW) B-25J as 02344 ex USAAF 44-86734
N566TX SNJ-5 as 04566 ex USN 85053
NX632NA T-28D as 51-7632 ex Honduras 227
N651SH T-6G as C.6-168/421-59  
NX700F F7F-3P as 80390/03/55  
N747AF B-25J as 44-30456  
N778MS MS500 as France 4  
N826BT BT-13A   ex USAAF 41-11528
N834G T-34A as 53-4126/DG-26  
(N959RT) Spitfire LF.IXc as MK959 ex KLu H-15
N991VR SNJ-5 as 90991/91  
NX996 MiG-15bis as 996 rd ex 122071
N1078Z F6F-5   ex USN 70222
N1548M L-5E   ex USAAF 42-98512
N2047 * Harvard 4 coded 310 ex Canada 20292
N3048 Ce337G as 3048 NOT ex mil
N3242G * SNJ-5 as AI-313 ex USN 43766
N3725G * SNJ-5 as AII-356 ex USN 84875
N4447 * Harvard 4 as AI-111 ex Canada 20450
NX4747P P-47N as 433240 ex USAAF 44-90368
N5221K Navion as 502121/TX/LD-121  
N6763 P-63F as 43-11719  
N7185 Expeditor 3NM as 7185 ex Canada 1504
NL7227C B-17G as 44-83872/VP-X  
N7825C F8F-2P as 122674/S-201  
N9097 * Harvard 4 as AI-112 ex Canada 20367
N9643C B-25J   ex USAAF 44-86758
N9790Z Harvard 2B   ex Canada 3048
N9820C SNJ-6 as 18/47PS ex USN 112178
N9964Z FG-1D as 92468/530  
N10908 * Harvard 4 as CD-00 ex Canada 20251
N11171 * AT-6B as AI-115 ex USAAF 41-17422
N15797 * Harvard 4 as AI-114 ex Canada 20408
NX15799 * Harvard 4 as AI-113 ex Canada 20326
N27003 BT-13A as 41-21178/018  
N44007 T-34A as 126 ex USAF 53-3365
N44741 N3N-3 as 2781/41  
N56478 * BT-13A as BI-78 ex USAAF 41-22926
N61372 BT-13A as 42-42564/468  

This area was open to the public in the morning till around 10:00, when it was closed off and the flying started. Those with a * were modified to look like Japanese aircraft and did their famous “Tora, Tora, Tora!” display.

Other flightlines:
89-2007/OK F-16C 125th FS  
89-2010/OK F-16C 125th FS  
89-2145/OK F-16C 125th FS marked 125FS
90-0719 F-16C 125th FS  
90-0748/OK F-16C 125th FS  
92-3880/1, 92-3908/2 F-16C ADS  
92-3888/3, (92-3896)/5 F-16C ADS  
93-0553/6, .../- F-16C ADS  
(91-0479)/- F-16D ADS  
13-5075/LF F-35A 308th FS  
13-5081/LF F-35A 308th FS  
168903/NJ-542 EA-18G VAQ-129  
169208/NJ-562 EA-18G VAQ-129  
02-05313, 04-05433 AH-64D 1-149th AVN  
05-05485, 11-05707 AH-64D 1-149th AVN  
N1390A L-139   295501 ex Czech 5501
6518 MH-65D Houston hangar
N930NA KC-135A ex NASA preserved
N992NA G-III NASA hangar
(N31957) S-2A   stored, ex USN 133242

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