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Ellsworth 2000

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Date: 26 August 2000

Made by: MAR, Kevin Hall


85-0066/EL 	B-1B 		28thBW (Nose Art Prowler)
86-0111/EL 	B-1B 		28thBW
60-0004/MT 	B-52H 		5thBW
69-0017 	C-5A 		337thAS / AFRC
68-10961 	C-9A 		375thAW
84-0120 	C-21A 		375thAW
61-2672 	OC-135B 	55thWG
64-14847/OF 	RC-135U 	55thWG
83-0027/FF 	F-15C 		1stFW / 27FS
85-1470 	F-16C 		175thFS / SD ANG
84-0827/HO 	F-117A 		49thFW
92-0362/XL 	T-1A 		47thFTW
66-7966/EN 	T-37B 		80thFTW
70-1564/VN 	T-38A 		71stFTW
93-1330 	C-23B+ 		A/249thAVN Det3/SD ArNG
82-23662 	UH-60A 		1085thMedCo/SD ArNG
164032/SH-261	F/A-18D 	VMFAT-101
164056/263 	F/A-18D 	VMFAT-101
160842/G-442 	T-44A 		TW-4
72-1261/HO 	F-4F 		GAF FTC

92-1532 	C-130H 		187thAS / WY ANG
88-0476/HL 	F-16C 		388thFW
88-0516/HL 	F-16C 		388thFW?(27thFW)

28thBW Ramps:
85-0086/EL	B-1B		37th BS (Hangar)
85-0075/EL	B-1B		37th BS
85-0084/EL	B-1B		37th BS
85-0090/EL	B-1B		37th BS
85-0091/EL	B-1B		37th BS
86-0094/EL	B-1B		37th BS
86-0096/EL	B-1B		37th BS
85-0085/EL	B-1B		37th BS (Flew)
86-0093/EL	B-1B		37th BS (Flew)
86-0095/EL	B-1B		77th BS
86-0097/EL	B-1B		77th BS
86-0114/EL	B-1B		77th BS "28OG" "77BS"
86-0113/EL	B-1B		77th BS
86-0125/EL	B-1B		77th BS

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