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Elmendorf 1996

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Date: 1 June 1996

Made by:


133352                CT-133A      417sq
188930                CF-188B      410sq
ZG376/24              Harrier GR7  3sq
ZG479/61              Harrier GR7  4sq
ZG508/79              Harrier GR7  3sq/4sq
ZG512/83              Harrier GR7  4sq
80-0259/AK            OA-10A       355th FS
61-0018/MT            B-52H        23rd BS
86-0079               C-12J        517th AS
92-2104               HN-130H(N)   210th RQS AK ANG
61-0266               KC-135R      155th ARG NE ANG
77-0351/AK            E-3B         962nd AACS
78-0561/AK            F-15D        19th FS
81-0021/AK "11AF"     F-15C        54th FS
90-0243/AK "3WG"      F-15E        90th FS
89-2113/AK "354FW"    F-16C        18th FS
90-0742               F-16C        18th FS
71-20030              UH-1H        A/1-207th Avn AK ArNG
89-0171               CH-47D       B/4-123rd Avn AK ArNG
91-26348              UH-60L       B/1-207th Avn AK ArNG
93-26467              HH-60G       210 RQS AK ANG
73-1154               CT-43A       50th TS
79-23256              UV-18A       B/1-207th Avn AK ArNG
163035/NJ-651         EA-6B        VAQ-129
161120/NJ-630         EA-6B        VAQ-129
160689/NG-207         F-14A        VF-24
161415/PZ-415         P-3C         VP-94
160569/NJ-741         S-3B         VS-41
1706                  HC-130H      USCG Kodiak
6523                  HH-65A       USCG Kodiak
N87FS                 F-86         Tracor
N547PA/AK-47          Lj36         Phoenix Air

81-0970/AK            A-10A        355th FW
78-0807/OK            C-130H       185th AS OH ANG
78-0507/AK            F-15C        54th FS
90-0239/AK            F-15E        90th FS
88-0474/HL "388FW"    F-16C        388th FW
88-0507/HL "388FW"    F-16C        388th FW

74-0084/AK            F-15A        BDRF

F-15Cs of 19th FS:      78-0513/AK, 78-0533/AK,
78-0546/AK, 78-0549/AK, 79-0050/AK, 79-0056/AK,

F-15Cs of 54th FS:      78-0550/AK, 79-0041/AK,
80-0024/AK, 81-0054/AK, 82-0013/AK

F-15Cs nn:
79-0053/AK, 80-0020/AK, 80-0053/AK, 81-0020/AK

69-0025               C-5B         60th AMW
63-7805/KT            C-130E       815th AS AFRes
74-1659/AK "517AS"    C-130H       517th AS
74-1658/AK            C-130H       517th AS
66-0151               C-141B       452nd AMW
89-0166               CH-47D       B/4-123rd Avn AK ArNG
56-1274               F-102A       gate guard

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