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Elmendorf 2014

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Elmendorf AFB Artic Thunder Airshow
Date: 26-27 July 2014
115451 CC-115 442sq  
93-1087/WM B-2A 393rd BS  
60-0003/BD B-52H 343rd BS AFRC  
69-0006 C-5A 68th AS AFRC  
86-0038 C-10A 60th AMW  
84-0147 C-12F 517th AS  
98-0051/AK C-17A 517th AS  
82-0059 C-130H 144th AS AK ANG  
90-2103 MC-130N 211th RQS AK ANG  
59-1521/AK KC-135R 168th ARS AK ANG  
77-0355/AK E-3B 962nd AACS  
87-0182/MO, 87-0210/MO F-15E 389th FS  
86-0314/AK F-16C 18th AGRS ‘354 FW’
86-0335/AK F-16C 18th AGRS ‘354 OG’
10-4193/AK F-22A 3rd WG ‘3 WG’
10-4195/AK F-22A 525th FS ‘525 FS’
92-26472/AK HH-60G 210th RQS AK ANG  
85-24438 UH-60A C/1-52nd Avn AK ArNG  
92-26738 UH-60L 1-207th Avn AK ArNG  
05-4102/AK F-22A 302nd FS AFRC ‘302 FS’
06-4129/AK, 07-4134/AK F-22A 3rd WG  
07-4149/AK F-22A 3rd WG  
99-0168/AK C-17A 517th AS parachute drop
86-24511 UH-60A C/1-52nd Avn Ak ArNG  
94-26593 UH-60L 1-207th Avn Ak ArNG  
99-0185/AK C-17A 517th AS  
89-1182, 89-1183 C-130H 144th AS AK ANG  


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