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Fairchild 2000

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Date: 5 August 2000

Made by:


LX-N90442	E-3A		NAEW&CF
79-0195/DM	OA-10A		358th FS
81-0942/DM	A-10A		358th FS
86-0139/MO	B-1B		34th BS
60-0007/MT	B-52H		23rd BS
87-0038		C-5B		60th AMW
68-10959	C-9A		11th AS
79-1946		KC-10A		60th AMW
96-0004		C-17A		97th AMW
84-0124		C-21A		54th AF
64-0542		C-130E		53rd AS
92-0552		C-130H		50th AS
58-0125		KC-135T		92nd ARW
59-1459		KC-135R		97th AMW
59-1468		KC-135T		92nd ARW
87-0182/MO	F-15E		391st FS
87-0208/MO	F-15E		391st FS
86-0837/HO	F-117A		59th FW
69-6648		UH-1N		nn
66-14432	MH-53J		551st SOS
92-0358/XL	T-1A		47th FTW
58-1906/RA	T-37B		12th FTW
67-14955/XL	T-38A		47th FTW
161243/NJ-551	EA-6B		VAQ-129
165344/MS-487	CH-53E		HMH-769
161040/G-318	T-34C		TW-4/VT-27
N215FE		B727		Fedex
N6350F		O-2B		'67-21295'
N51685		Beech 65	'82-4054'

83-0019/FF	F-15C		27th FS
83-0024/FF	F-15C		94th FS
84-1241/LF	F-16C		62nd FS
84-1306/LF	F-16C		62nd FS
And the Thunderbirds with F-16C/Ds.

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