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Fallon 1993

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Date: 10 October 1993

Made by:


160792/NJ-(7)23       F-5E         VFA-127
162446/NJ-(7)04       F/A-18A      VFA-127
162886/NJ-301         F/A-18A      VFA-125
163510/NJ-334         F/A-18D      VFA-125
161860/AJ-110         F-14A        VF-41
155673/50             A-6E         NSWC
156483/72             SH-3H        NSWC
160492/NJ-492         T-34C        VFA-125
161193/7H             UC-12B       Fallon
158556/7H             HH-1H        Fallon
69-7298               F-4G         190th FS ID ANG
65-0874               RF-4C        192nd RS NV ANG
92-0330/RA            T-1A         12nd FTW
65-10420/XL           T-38A        47th FTW
188932                CF-188B      CF
133450                CT-133A      414sq (black c/s)
114037                CT-114       2 CFFTS

152584/51,162206/52   A-6E         NSWC
164351/NJ-160         F-14D        VF-124
162474/11             F/A-18A      NSWC
161707/17             F/A-18B      NSWC
162442/NJ-356         F/A-18A      VFA-125
162416/NJ-02          F/A-18A      VFA-127
162417/NJ-03          F/A-18A      VFA-127
162899/NJ-06          F/A-18A      VFA-127
88-0493/LF,88-0511/LF F-16C        58th FW
F-5E VFA-127 NJ: 160795/21 , 730879/22 , 741539/24
                 741558/25 , 159881/27 , 741547/42
KA-6D VA-165 NG: 151819/517, 151814/515, 151576/514

Preserved City of Fallon:
159647/11             A-7E         ex NSWC

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