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Fallon 1999

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Date: 1/2 May 1999

Made by:

Updated: 19 February 2001

Main Gate:
154420/00 	   A-7E  	      'STRIKE'
155025/01          A-4 		      VFC13  

62-1859            C-130E             NV ANG, Reno-Tahoe A/P 
64-0270/BB         T-38A              9RS 
80-1080/BB         U-2R               9RS 
153505/A-753       TA-4J              VT-7, CTW-1 
161312/7H          UC-12B             Fallon NAS 
163695/NK-603      E-2C               VAW-113, CVW-14 
741556/AF-12       F-5E               VFC-13 NSAWC 
730865/AF-01       F-5E               VFC-13 NSAWC 
161435/AA-103      F-14B UPGRADE      VF-103 
161442/AA-104      F-14B UPGRADE      VF-103 
161869/20          F-14A              NSAWC 
162906/44          FA-18A             NSAWC
164956/VW-203      FA-18C             VMFA-314 
165186/VW-204      FA-18C             VMFA-314 
158261/QT-407      UH-1N              HMT-303 
165272/QT-462      AH-1W              HMT-303 

New ramp display:
155627 		   A-6E 	      'STRIKE'
156734/NG-300 	   A-7C 	      VA-146  
159496/603	   E-2C 	      NSAWC   
155800/NG-100 	   F-4B 	      VF-96   
145449/NH-106 	   F-8E 	      VF-111  
159626/NH-213 	   F-14A 	      VF-213  
163576 		   F-16N                      
161708/NJ-300	   FA-18A 	      VFA-125 
52-4584/FU-584     F-86F                      
1x		   A-4		      nn      

Active ramp:
164676/NK-410  	   FA-18 	      VFA-25   
163493/AA-411      FA-18              VFA-81
163480/AA-406      FA-18              VFA-81
165399/AA-212      FA-18              VFA-34
165217/AA-304      FA-18              VFA-83
163456/NK-204      FA-18              VF-115
161733/02  	   FA-18              NSAWC 
162900/47          FA-18              NSAWC 
162840/30          FA-18              NSAWC 
162898/32          FA-18              NSAWC 
162901/41          FA-18              NSAWC 
16..90/34          FA-18              NSAWC?
162887/51          FA-18              NSAWC 
162826/33          FA-18              NSAWC 
162871/43          FA-18              NSAWC 
162848/61          FA-18              NSAWC 
162830/63          FA-18              NSAWC 
162875/55          FA-18              NSAWC 
....../11          FA-18              NSAWC 
161714/00  	   FA-18 	      NSAWC 
162832/56  	   FA-18              NSAWC 
163126/62          FA-18              NSAWC 
162427/03          FA-18              NSAWC 
163481/NK-201 	   FA-18              VF-115
160669/15	   F-14               NSAWC 
160678/14          F-14               NSAWC 
160382/17          F-14               NSAWC 
160913/13          F-14               NSAWC
160965/31	   F-5		      VFC-13
160966/32	   F-5		      VFC-13
160792/21	   F-5		      VFC-13
160796/24	   F-5		      VFC-13
160794/22	   F-5		      VFC-13
162307/25	   F-5		      VFC-13
159880/20	   F-5		      VFC-13
84-0456/30	   F-5		      VFC-13
74-1564/14	   F-5		      VFC-13
74-1539/04	   F-5		      VFC-13
74-1545/07	   F-5		      VFC-13
74-1536/-	   F-5		      VFC-13
74-1568/15	   F-5		      VFC-13
72-1387/00	   F-5		      VFC-13
73-0879/02	   F-5		      VFC-13
74-1530/03	   F-5		      VFC-13
74-1554/11	   F-5		      VFC-13
74-1547/10	   F-5		      VFC-13
74-1558/13	   F-5		      VFC-13
155638 		   RA-5C 	      FUSELAGE+BITS                   
164089/71 	   SH-60F 	      NSAWC
163287/72	   SH-60F 	      NSAWC.
161432/100 	   F-14		      VF-103
163221/110 	   F-14		      VF-103
162990/101 	   F-14		      VF-103
80-0215/DM wh 	   A-10A
79-0210/DM wh 	   A-10A
85-1608 	   C-31A	      Golden Knights

161959/1	   F/A-18	      Blue Angels
161943/2	   F/A-18	      Blue Angels
161983/3	   F/A-18	      Blue Angels
161969/4	   F/A-18	      Blue Angels
161962/5	   F/A-18	      Blue Angels
161955/6	   F/A-18	      Blue Angels
161963/?	   F/A-18	      Blue Angels
158556		   HH-1N	      BASE RESUE BY MAIN HANGER
....../NJ-300      F/A-18 	      VFA-125
60-3593		   UH-1B	      WFU, "WSL241"

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