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Fort Worth-Alliance 2019

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Fort Worth Alliance, TX (USA)

Fort Worth Alliance Air Show

20 October 2019

9354 MiG-21UM   cockpit section only
84-0148 C-12F 517th AS  
97-0046 C-17A 437th AW  
93-1459 C-130H 181st AS  
61-0264 KC-135R 121st ARW  
63-7995 KC-135R 22nd ARW  
86-0231/TX F-16C 457th FS marked 301FW
73-21858/FR TH-1H 23rd FTS  
81-23646 HH-60G 512th RQS  
92-0334/CB T-1A 451st FTS marked 479FTG
99-3562/CB T-6A 37th FTS  
61-0904/TY, 68-8186/TY T-38A 2nd FTS  
65-10374/CB T-38C 50th FTS  
68-8177/TY, 70-1559/TY T-38A 2nd FTS  
.../200 F-14   cockpit section only
163155/MA-00 FA-18A VFMA-112  
168883/NE-206 FA-18E VFA-113  
168878/NE-201 FA-18E VFA-113  
163626/B-226, T-45C TW-2  
163656/B-200 T-45C TW-2  
79-23203 AH-1F   on trailer
12-08887 CH-47F B/2-149th AVN  
N17GB GB-2   ex 33019
N101NZ Harvard 2 as NZ1079  
NX165KK CT-133 as 50-429 ex Canada 133165
N189G C-1A   ex 146044/JK-62
N234RJ T-34A   ex 55-0216
N240P A-26B   ex USAAF 41-39427, coded P
N252WB Yak-52W   0012212 NOT ex mil
(NX385AF) T-38A   ex 65-10365, coded 1
N470BH B47G-4A   7706
N541 H369D private  
N633AX Mirage F1CR   ex France 653
N976FD B757-2B7SF Fedex  
N1129A B767-300SF PrimeAir  
N1510L B206B-3 Dallas Police  
N3946K L-19E   ex France 24716
N2805J C-47D as 43-770/EL ex USAAF 43-16369
N5105A LM-130J    
N5548N B-25H as 34380 ex USAAF 43-4106
N9145 FWP149D as 91+45  
N7070C SNJ-4   ex USN 27668
N44821 N3N-3 as 4488/227  
N59840 BT-13B   ex Mexico 41-11449
N60591 Ce305E as 65-866/BH  
N61559 PT-17 as 40-1784/340  
N63707 N2S-3 as 851 ex USN 07334
N67631 NE-2 as 29677  
NX97854 OV-10D as 155493/UU-03  
Flightline before crowd line:
93-0540/SW F-16C 55th FS  
01-7050/SW F-16C 77th FS  
01-4027/TY, 02-4040/TY F-22A 43rd FS  
163439/1, 163462/2 F/A-18C Blue Angels  
163429/3, 163768/4 F/A-18C Blue Angels  
162411/5 F/A-18A Blue Angels  
163705/6 F/A-18C Blue Angels  
169631/NJ-106 F-35C VFA-125  
South side flightlines:
95-3007/EN T-6A 459th FTS, brown c/s  
03-3674/EN, 04-3711/EN T-6A 89th FTS  
03-3689/EN T-6A 89th FTS, green c/s  
65-10432/EN T-38C 88th FTS  
70-1578/EN T-38C 88th FTS, as 88th FTS  
162419/- F/A-18B Blue Angels  
163464/7 F/A-18D Blue Angels  
85-1608 C-31A USAPT  
NL20TF TP-51D as 463187 ex FAB521
NL40PN P-40N as P-8104/5 ex USAAF 44-7369
N44CH G44A Widgeon as FP469  
N178CW L-39C   432848 ex 89 ye
N123VV S211 as Singapore 386  
NX250CF/023 S211   ex Singapore 342
NL74190/MC-1 P-51D   ex USAAF 44-74452
Far northern side:
60-0367 KC-135R 121st ARW  
Flying only:
N214AX L-39ZA   ex Romanian AF 109
N280BH Bell V-280 Bell  

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