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Griffiss 1982

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Date: 3 July 1982

Made by:


150073/QR-54 	A-4E		VMGR-322		NAS So Weymouth
152642/53	A-6E		PMTC			NAS Point Mugu
155627/NL-511	A-6E		VA-52			NAS Whidbey Is/Kitty Hawk
..-..../NY	A-10A		174TFW/138TFS NY ANG  	Syracuse
69-6422/PA	A-37B		111TASG/111TASS	PA ANG  Willow Grove
58-0240		B-52G   	416BW			Griffiss AFB
68-0222		C-5A     	436MAW			Dover AFB
67-0021		C-141B  	438MAW			McGuire AFB
63-13243	F-104G  	58TTW			Luke AFB
59-0062		F-106A		49FIS 			Griffiss AFB
62-3519		KC-135A 	416BW			Griffiss AFB
156710/40	T-2C		VT-10			NAS Pensacola
58-0632		T-33A		49FIS			Griffiss AFB
52-9672		T-33A		120FIG/186FIS MT ANG  	Great Falls
61-2504/OK	T-37B	  	71FTW  "ACE"		Vance AFB
70-1587		T-38A    	?
73-1149		T-43A		323FTW			Mather AFB
66-16687	UH-1H		US Army

Flight Line:
62-2592		T-37B		"ACE"
62-2596		T-37B		"ACE"
60-0195		T-37B		"ACE"
57-0688		T-33A		49 FIS
58-0671		T-33A		49 FIS
58-0693		T-33A		49 FIS
57-2515		F-106A		49 FIS
59-0082		F-106A		49 FIS

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