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Hanscom 1987

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Date: 29 August 1987

Made by:


162954/VL-11	AV-8B		VMA-331			MCAS Cherry Point
162080/VL-9	AV-8B		VMA-331			MCAS Cherry Point
79-0084/CT	A-10A		103TFG 118TFS  CT ANG
79-0215/EL	A-10A		23TFW			England AFB
79-0209/EL	A-10A		23TFW			England AFB
69-0003		C-5A		436MAW			Dover AFB
68-10875	C-9A		375AAW			Scott AFB
84-0100		C-21A		DET 1 1401MAS	
63-7809		C-130E		317TAW			Pope AFB
62-1857/KS	EC-130E		28AD 7ACCS		Keesler AFB
55-0295		VC-131D		169TFG 157TFS  SC ANG
65-0252		C-141B		60MAW			Travis AFB
65-9412		C-141B		438MAW			McGuire AFB
159841/NH-104	F-14A		Enterprise VF-114	NAS Mirimar
81-0036/FF	F-15C		1TFW			Langley AFB
81-0051/FF	F-15C		1TFW			Langley AFB
......		F/A-18		?
ZD848/BC	Tornado		14SQ			RAF Bruggen
ZD891/BB	Tornado		14SQ			RAF Bruggen
86-0028		KC-10A		916ARG			Seymour Johnson AFB
62-3531		KC-135R		340ARG			Altus AFB
152741		P-3B		VP-92			NAS So Weymouth
12168		CP-121		Canada
159743/705	S-3A		VS-..			?
156729/B-329	T-2C		VT-23			NAS Kingsville
161830/G	T-34C		VT-27			NAS Corpus Christi
67-22241	T-37B		71FTW 8FTS		Vance AFB
65-10342	T-38A		12FTW 560FTS  		Randolph AFB
160842/G	T-44A		VT-31			NAS Corpus Christi
62-3853		U-8F					Ft Devens
71-20120	UH-1H					Ft Devens
162035/E-71	TH-57C		TAW-5 HT-8		NAS Whiting Field

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