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Hanscom 1991

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Date: 5 July 1991

Made by:


148618/GD-116	EA-6A		VAQ-33			NAS Key West
162228/NL-604	EA-6B		VAQ-134			NAS Whidbey Is.
163402/AC-622	EA-6B		VAQ-130			NAS Whidbey Is.
161675/AJ-500	A-6E		(USS Rsvlt) VA-65	NAS Oceania
164376/AE-506	A-6E		(USS Sara) VA-176?	NAS Oceania
75-0398/OK	A-7D		138TFG	125TFS	OK ANG
74-1750/HA	A-7D		185TFG	174TFS	IA ANG
72-0190/HA	A-7D		185TFG	174TFS	IA ANG
79-0099/MB	A-10A		354TFW			Myrtle Beach AFB
79-0112/MB	A-10A		354TFW			Myrtle Beach AFB
..-....		B-52H		7BW			Carswell AFB
69-0005		C-5A		439MAW	337MAS		Westover AFB
71-0876		C-9A		435TAW	55AAS		Rhein Main
84-0155		C-12F		DET 2 1401MAS		Wrt. Patterson AFB
84-0097		C-21A		DET 2 1401MAS		Wrt. Patterson AFB
88-0272		C-29A		1866FCS			Scott AFB
85-1608		C-31A		Golden Knights
63-7773		EC-130E		193SOG	193SOS	PA ANG
62-1863		EC-130E		7ACCS			Keesler AFB
64-0568		MC-130E	    	1SOW 8SOS		Hurlburt Field
64-0626		C-141B		438MAW  		McGuire AFB
..-....		C-141B		? (T-Birds support)
161096/NK-600	E-2C		(USS Indy) VAW-113	NAS Norfolk
159107/AA-600	E-2C		(USS Sara) VAW-125	NAS Norfolk
73-1674		JE-3C		Boeing
86-0417		E-8A		4411JSTARS Sq	
81-0891		EC-18B		4950TW			Wrt. Patterson AFB	
73-1168/ET	F-4E		3246TW			Eglin AFB
161440/AA-207	F-14B		(USS Sara) VF-103	NAS Oceania
162924/AA-104	F-14B		(USS Sara) VF-74	NAS Oceania
77-0125/LA	F-15A		405TTW	555TTS		Luke AFB
77-0159/LA	F-15B		405TTW	555TTS		Luke AFB
81-0038/FF	F-15C		1 TFW			Langley AFB
83-0023/FF	F-15C		1TFW			Langley AFB
81-0733		F-16A		158FIG	134FIS	VT ANG
82-0931/SA	F-16A		149TFG	182TFS	TX ANG
83-1097/SA	F-16A		149TFG	182TFS	TX ANG
89-2154		F-16C		Pre Delivery 
89-2001/MY	F-16C		347TFW	70TFS		Moody AFB
89-2036/MY	F-16C		347TFW	70TFS		Moody AFB
..-..../TR*	F-117A		37TFW			Tonopah TTR
163163/DR-11	F/A-18A		VMFA-312		MCAS Beaufort
163167/DR-12	F/A-18A		VMFA-312		MCAS Beaufort
164243/AD-304	F/A-18C		VF-106			NAS Cecil Field
2125		HU-25		USCG			CGAS Cape Cod
86-0029		KC-10A		68ARG			Seymour Jhnsn.
58-0009		KC-135R	  	42BW  42ARS		Loring AFB
62-5890		OV-1D		224MIB			Ft Stewart
155470		OV-10A		VMO-1			MCAS New River
160152/AC-702	S-3A		VS-22			NAS Cecil Field
156944/B-15	TA-4J		TW-2  VT-21		NAS Kingsville
164171/E-171	T-34C		TAW-5			NAS Whiting Field
57-2269/OK	T-37B		71FTW  42BW ACE	Vance   Loring AFB's
61-2919/OK	T-37B		71FTW  8FTS		Vance AFB
66-8391/901	T-38A		NASA			LBJ Space Ctr.
60-3476		T-39B		4950TW			Wrt Patterson AFB
133619/610	CT-133		414 SQ?		
67-15489	AH-1S		3 ACR			Ft Bliss (pre delivery)
149898/AR	SH-3H		HS-1			NAS Jacksonville
90-0217		CH-47D		6 CAV			Ft Hood
163064/CJ-01	CH-53E		HMH-461			MCAS New River
163062/CJ-05	CH-53E		HMH-461			MCAS New River
91-26349	UH-60L		1-207 CAV		Ft Richardson (pre deliv.)
87-0424		AH-64A					Lakehurst
6542		HH-65A		USCG			CGAS Brooklyn
* = flying

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