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Hanscom 1992

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Date: 27 September 1992

Made by:


155600/AD-502	A-6E		VA-42			NAS Oceania
84-0087		C-21A		DET 1 458ALS		Offutt AFB
63-8076		C-141B		438MAW			McGuire AFB
72-1162/37+52	F-4F		JBG35			Pferdsfeld 
72-1161/37+51   F-4F		JBG35			Pferdsfeld
76-0011		F-15A		102FW 101FS  MA ANG
86-0029/SJ	KC-10A		4WG 911ARS		S. Johnson AFB
56-3650		KC-135E		157ARG 133ARS  NH ANG
157313/LP-3	P-3C		VP-49			NAS Jacksonville
160945/E-945	T-34C		TAW-5			NAS Whiting Field
161835/E-835	T-34C		TAW-5			NAS Whiting Field
67-14825/924	T-38A		NASA			NASA Ellington Field
158280/TV-14	UH-1N		HMLA-167		MCAS New River
163929/TV-22	AH-1W		HMLA-167		MCAS New River
6019		HH-60J		USCG			CGAS Cape Cod
136255		CH-136		Canada
136234		CH-136		Canada
8609		C-121		Civil

155703/501   	A-6E       	VA-42     		NAS Oceania
78-0712         A-10A     	104FW  MA ANG
78-0646         A-10A     	104FW  MA ANG
90-0732         F-16C     	363FW   		Shaw AFB
90-0738         F-16C     	363FW   		Shaw AFB
..-....	        B-52H    	416BW   		Griffiss AFB

Rear of Airfield:
N404PA     	C-135 Mod	Raytheon Test Bed

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