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Hill 2012

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Hill AFB Open house
Date: 25+ 26 May 2012
78-0625 A-10C nmk, bare metal  
68-0212 C-5A 167th AS WV ANG  
84-0186 KC-10A 305th AMW  
09-9212 C-17A 62nd AW  
84-0118 C-21A 458th AS  
84-0120 C-21A 77th AS ND ANG  
96-7322 C-130H 731st AS AFRC  
09-6209 MC-130J 415th SOS  
64-14828 KC-135R 191th ARS UT ANG
88-1705/MO F-15E 389th FS  
88-1707/MO F-15E 366th FW  
88-0419/HL F-16CM 466th FS AFRC
88-0500/HL F-16CM 421st FS “388 FW”
96-0085 F-16CM nmk, Bare Metal  
06-4112/AK F-22A 525th FS  
95-0048/CB T-1A 48th FTS  
03-3892/VN T-6A 8th FTS  
82-23835 UV-18A nn  
05-0028 CV-22B 71st SOS  
84-23943 UH-60A nn  
164783/YJ-51 CH-53E HMH-465  
160854/G454 T-44A VT-31  
165081 T-45C VT-9  
N852NA F/A-18B NASA 161217
N149Z Beech B200 US forestry service  
N84TB CT-133    
N4207 RC-45J    
79-0192/FT A-10C 74th FS  
79-0204/WA A-10C 57th WG  
86-0238 F-16C 94th FS CA ANG  
87-0320/DC F-16C 21st FS DC ANG  
88-0416/HL, 90-0753/HL F-16CM 421st FS  
88-0460/HL, 89-2065/HL F-16CM 4th FS  
88-0466/HL F-16CM 466th FS “466 FS”
N933GC CT-133 ex Canada 21306  
N400FS FJ-4B ex USN 143575  
N717MG Lim-5 ex Poland 1210  
N51ZM P-51D ex USAAF  
N515MG SBLim-2 ex Poland 358  
Plus six unidentified Thunderbirds F-16s and an F-22A.
F-16 Maintenance Hangar:
84-0322/AZ F-16D 195th FS AZ ANG  
85-1460/ED F-16C 416th FLTS  
86-0330/DC F-16C 121st FS DC ANG  
92-3915 F-16CJ 179thFS MN ANG  
Also seen were a Thunderbird, a Luke F-16C, and two more unidentified F-16s.
421st FS Flightline:
88-0501/HL, 88-0421/HL F-16CM 421st FS  
88-0438/HL, 88-0457/HL F-16CM 421st FS  
88-0518 HL, 89-2067 HL F-16CM 421st FS  
89-2081/HL, 89-2147 HL F-16CM 421st FS  
89-2149/HL, 90-0725 HL F-16CM 421st FS  
90-0763/HL F-16CM 421st FS  
89-2176/HL F-16DM 421st FS  
4th FS Flightline:
88-0528/HL, 89-2072/HL F-16CM 4th FS  
89-2075/HL, 89-2116/HL F-16CM 4th FS  
89-2124/HL F-16CM 4th FS ‘12 AF’
plus another four unidentified examples.
78-0065/Hl F-16A pres gate  
62-4347/HI F-105D pres gate  


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