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Kaneohe Bay 2015

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MCAS Kaneohe Bay Open Day
Date: 17 October 2015
166596/TH-35 MH-60R HSM-35  
165153 C-20G VMR Det Hawaii  
161261/YH-03 CH-53E HMH-463  
168045/VT-05 UH-Y HMLA-367  
165367/VT-29 AH-1W HMLA-367  
160999/999 P-3C nmks  
158222/RD P-3C VP-47  
160287/YD P-3C VP-4  
160610/YD P-3C VP-4  
03-4047/HH F-22A 199th FS HI ANG  
05-5150/HH C-17A 535th AS HI ANG  
61-0290/HH KC-135R 203rd ARS HI ANG  
87-0042 C-5M 60th AMW  
64-13179 T-38A front fuselage  
159687/PF-12 CH-46E to be preserved  
1720 HC-130H USCG Barbers Point  
13-20598 HH-60M US Army  
12-20439 UH-60M US Army  
11-08832 CH-47F US Army  
56-0817/FG F-104C preserved  
N323AX Hunter F58 ATAC  
N324AX Hunter F6 ATAC  
92-3883/WW F-16C 35th FW  
92-3892/WW F-16C 35th FW  
168044/VT-04 AH-1W HMLA-367  
167992/VT-6 AH-1W HMLA-367  
1625??/VT-25 UH-1Y HMLA-367  
163943/VT-26 UH-1Y HMLA-367  
161528/YH-00 CH-53E HMH-463  
163061/YH-05 CH-53E HMH-463  
& 161265/YH-12 CH-53E HMH-463  
05-5149 C-17A 535th AS HI ANG  
1707 HC-130H USCG Barbers Point  
6608 MH-65D USCG Barbers Point  
7x F/A-18C/B FDS Blue Angels  
164763 C-130T FDS Blue Angels  
09-08791 CH-47F US Army  
(13)-20595 HH-60M US Army  
12-25029 UH-60M US Army  
90-1792 C-130H 180th AS MO ANG  
158563 P-3C nn  
N86116 'N86116' SNJ-5 private  


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