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Keesler 2009

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Date: 4 April 2009

Made by:


79-0151/BD		A-10A		47th FS
03-3113			C-17A		183rd AS MS ANG
84-0106/KS		C-21A		45th AS
98-5307			WC-130J		53rd WRS AFRC
98-5308			WC-130J		53rd WRS AFRC
02-8155			C-130J-30	815th AS AFRC
04-8153			C-130J-30	815th AS AFRC
05-8152			C-130J-30	815th AS AFRC
75-0745			F-16A		travel. Exhibit TB c/s
70-16451		TH-1H		23rd FTS
92-26465/FT		HH-60G		41st RQS
92-0361/XL		T-1A		86th FTS
06-3823/XL		T-6A		85th FTS
88-01867		C-23C		I/185th AVN MS ARNG
73-21833		UH-1H		1108th AVCRAD
1x			OH-58A		1108th AVCRAD
72-21254		OH-58A+r	C1-114th AVN
165284/MP-00		AH-1W		HMLA-773
162295/E-295		T-34C		TAW-5

Other static:
N2760A			T-6G		Private
N302DR			N2S-4		Private
N401ZA			L-39ZA		ex Russia 132027
N500EJ			C-54E		ex 44-9144, USAAF
N611F			SNJ-6		ex 44-82457, USAAF
N633CP			C182T		MS CAP
N62159/403		N2S-4		Private
N70GA "KG508"		Beech D18S	AAHFM, RAF c/s
NL10601			Mustang IV	ex 9271, CAF

84-0069/KS		C-21A		45th AS
85-01607		C-31A		Golden Knights
164630/30		F/A-18C		VFA-106 $
163506/AD-332		F/A-18C		VFA-106
N1226N			P-40N		ex 42-105867, USAAF
N79W			BT-13A		VEI
N75342			AT-6D		ex 42-44641, USAAF
N9079Z			B-25J		ex 44-30734, USAAF
N9964Z			F4U-1D		ex 92468, USN
NX28NB			T-28D		ex 138287, USN
NX5443U			T-28B		ex 140047, USN
NX556RH			T-33A		ex 58-0655, USAF
NX9060F			T-28B		ex 138164, USN
$ special colours to celebrate 30 years of Hornet flying

Flying only:
05-8156			C-130J-30	815th
60-0002			B-52H		11th BS "2nd BW"
87-0179/SJ		F-15E		333rd FS
99-0059			C-17A		58th AS
All aircraft operated from Gulfport/Biloxi IAP, except for the B-52
which flew out of its homebase Barksdale.

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