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Kelly 1984

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Date: 31 March 1984

Made by:


157587/AG-405	A-7E		VA-12 USS IKE		NAS Cecil Field
60-0061		B-52H		7BW			CarswellAFB
67-0170		C-5A		60MAW	  		Travis AFB
59-1530		C-130B		443TAW/68TAS		Kelly AFB
64-0818/SA	F-4C		149TFG/182TFS TX ANG
63-8381		F-5A		2954CLSS		Kelly AFB
161597/XF-48	F-14A		VX-4			NAS Pt Mugu
76-0046/EG	F-15A		33TFW/60TFS		Eglin AFB
76-0015/EG	F-15A		33TFW/60TFS		Eglin AFB
82-0905/HL	F-16A		388TFW/4TFS		Hill AFB
81-0805/HL	F-16A		388TFW/4TFS		Hill AFB
62-4387/HI	F-105D		419TFW/466TFS		Hill AFB
57-2513		F-106B		2954CLSS		Kelly AFB
68-0246		FB-111A		509BW			Pease AFB
83-0077		KC-10A		2BW			Barksdale AFB
57-1470		KC-135A	    	7BW			Carswell AFB
67-18925	OV-10A		
59-0303		T-37B		12FTW/559FTS		Randolph AFB
70-1951		T-38A		12FTW/560FTS		Randolph AFB
67-14959	T-41A					Hondo Airport  TX
69-15848	UH-1H		507Med Co	
82-3708		UH-60A		55ARRS			Eglin AFB

Flight Line:
64-0646		C-141B		437MAW  
66-0160		C-141B		63MAW
79-0204		A-10A         	23TFW   
63-7778		C-130E		314TAW
72-01295	C-130E		314TAW

Depot Flight Line:
69-0012		C-5A		60MAW
68-0216		C-5A		436MAW
60-0021		B-52H		28BW
60-0051		B-52H		93BW

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