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Key West

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Key West Air Show
Date: 23 March 2013
163844 UC-12M Key West  
761554/AF-106 F-5N VFC-111  
761557/AF-112 F-5N VFC-111  
165802/NJ-122 F/A-18F VFA-122 CAG c/s
165493/A-150 T-45C VT-9  
165498/A-155 T-45C VT-7  
165605/A-163 T-45C VT-7  
N154EH Bo105CBS-4 Red Bull  
N175MS Bell 206L-4 FL Keys Mosquito Control  
N187GH T-28B ex Bu138187 “AF-606”  
N2363K Ce172S Island City Flying Service  
N2483Q Ce182K Sun ‘n Fun Fly-In  
N25HP Ce182T Florida Highway Patrol  
N311C Stinson 108-3 Robert Steelhammer  
N32CV Stinson 108-2 Charles Strumpf  
N38159 J3L-65 Island Aero Tours  
N4442N PT-17 Air Show Leasing  
N5632F SNJ-5 ex Bu51896  
N5775Q Mooney M20E John W Bradford Jr  
N713AM Bulldog 101 ex Sweden Sk61A 61045  
N713JT F4U-4 ex Bu97143 “JT-416”  
N74LC CeT210L Lee County Sheriff  
N810CB G-I Aero Marti  
N995CP Ce172R Civil Air Patrol  
164763 C-130T Blue Angels  
166294/7Q-00 MH-60S Key West SAR Flt  
166295/7Q-01 MH-60S Key West SAR Flt  
N39721 Waco UPF-7 Island Aero Tours  
F-5N of VFC-111, coded AF-xxx:
761532/116, 761533/117, 761548/101
761550/121, 761562/102, 761575/114
Blue Angels:
163498/1 + codes 2 to 6 FA-18C; code 7 F/A-18D
165666/AD-114 F/A-18E VFA-106 damaged
761571/AF-111 F-5N VFC-111  
761574/AF-103 F-5N VFC-111  
761591/AF-120 F-5N VFC-111  
761531/AF-104 F-5N VFC-111  
151033/AD-00 A-4E preserved  
156612/GJ-300 RA-5C preserved  
148618/CD-100 EA-6A preserved  
153019/NL-201 F-4N preserved  
With not so great views from outside the base, the US southernmost air spectacular promised to be good reason to make a detour to visit Key West and VFC-111s colourful F-5s. The geographic limitations of the base meant the air show had to be viewed with backlight, although decent shots on both flight lines were possible. The show itself was not too spectacular, with the four-ship F-5 demo as the highlight, and the last show of the Blue Angels before the already infamous budget sequestration took effect.


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