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Kirtland 2011

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Kirtland AFB Open House
Date: 9 October 2011
60-0060/MT B-52H 69th BS  
07-7179 C-17A 21st AS  
64-14858 MC-130P 550th SOS  
89-0282 MC-130H 550th SOS  
09-0109 HC-130J 415th SOS  
88-0434/LF F-16CM 308th FS  
69-6665 UH-1N 512th RQS  
81-23646 HH-60G 512th RQS  
66-4368/EN T-38C 469th FTS  
02-0024 CV-22B “71st SOS”  
161197/G-327 TC-12B VT-35  
161065/G-465 T-44C VT-31  
86-1699 MC-130H 550th SOS  
96-1003 C-130H 109th AS MN ANG
09-6209 MC-130J 415th SOS  
82-23689, 89-23689 HH-60G 512th RQS  
89-26203 HH-60G 512th RQS  
77-465/AF (N70465) UV-18B 98thFTS / 306thFTG  
05-0028 CV-22B 71st SOS  
Thunderbirds F-16CM/DM*:
92-3898/1, 92-3890/2, 92-3881/3, 92-3880/4,
91-0413/5, 91-0392/6, 92-3908/7, 92-3890/8*
Flying only:
86-0101/DY B-1B 28th BS  
82-1069/WM B-2A 393rd BS  
1-6-6158 C-17A 21st AS  
65-0971 MC-130P 550th SOS  
04-0027 CV-22B 71st SOS  
167891 MH-60S HSC-23  
69-5822 MC-130P 550th SOS  
Gate guards / preserved on base:
66-14433 MH-53J pres, sand camo  
64-14232 HH-3E pres  
53-1532 F-100A pres  
72-0177 A-7D pres as 72-245  
45-8501 F-80 pres  
Also present was an unmarked or unread P-51D


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