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Lakehurst 2001

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Date: 3 June 2001

Made by:


79-0219/PA		OA-10A		103rd FS PA ANG
85-0038			C-130H		357th AS AFRC
81-23542		RC-12D		nn
84-0464?		C-23A		AEESB
82-24072		AH-1F		AEESB?
71-20375		OH-58A		AEESB?
81-23593		UH-60A		AEESB?
160926/AJ-212		F-14A		i/a
163471/AA-400		F/A-18C		VFA-81
163494/NG-414		F/A-18C		VFA-147
163708/NG-400		F/A-18C		VFA-147
158594/F-800		T-2C		VT-10
162227/CB-01		EA-6B		VMAQ-1
The C-23 was noted as 84-0484, but this is a C-12. 
Confirmation of the serial would be most welcome.

End of static/flightline:
84-1383/AC		F-16C		119th FS NJ ANG
165671/NJ-115		F/A-18F		VFA-122
163249/HP-411		SH-60B		HSL-44

Hangar at end of flightline:
91-0387/SW		F-16CJ		78th FS

Cross runway:
151891			TC-130G		Blue Angels
149725			UH-3H		Oceana

Flying only:
66-7944			C-141B		305th AMW

161506/7N		UC-12B		NAS Washington

Near end of flightline:
60-5430, 61-2392	C-7A		stored

Preserved (behind main gate):
142106/AA-401		A-4B		ex VA-15
154443/NJ-406		A-7B		ex VA-15
153074/NG-90		F-4J		ex VF-96

Finally, the Blue Angels were parked near the other runway (according to the
organisation of the show), but this area was not accessible and they could 
therefore not be seen. Also in this area should have been a second 'SW' F-16.

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