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Langley 1993

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Date: 7/8 August 1993

Made by:


79-0135/FT            A-10A        75th FS
86-0138/OZ            B-1B         "384th BW"
57-6520/MO            B-52G        "34thBS"
87-0041               C-5B         436th AW
84-0146               C-12F        375th AW
84-0113/FF            C-21A        12th ALF
63-9810/FT            C-130E       2nd ALS "23WG"
65-0986/FF            HC-130H      71st RQS
59-1520/BB            KC-135Q      350th ARS
64-0650               C-141B       438th AW
77-0353/OK            E-3B         966th AWACS
64-1041/BH            RF-4C        106th ARS AL ANG
83-0033/FF            F-15C        27th FS "1stFW"
87-0196/SJ            F-15E        334th FS
81-0732/FL-15         F-16A ADF    159th FS FL ANG
70-2398/CC            F-111F       522nd FS "27FW"
80-0791/HO            F-117A       49th FW
69-6614/FF            UH-1N        72nd HS
69-5798/FF            HH-3E        41st RQS
91-0093               T-1A         64th FTW
60-0197/VN            T-37B        71st FTW
63-8116/VN            T-38A        71st FTW
64-13301/BB           T-38A        9th Wing
89-0260               AH-64A       229th AVN
66-18020              U-21A        TRADOC
163049/AE-610         EA-6B        VAQ-131
162703/AJ-100         F-14A        VF-41
157036/B-359          T-2C         VT-23
163614/B-214          T-45A        TW-2
162725/KD-37          AV-8B        VMAT-203
133423                CT-133       CF
N525NA                OV-10A       NASA
N514NA                RC680W       NASA
N44V                  C-47         Piedmont

84-0116/FF            C-21A        12th ALF
64-14863/FF           HC-130P      71st RQS
82-0017/FF,83-0017/FF F-15C        71st FS
82-0019/FF            F-15C        "71FS"
83-0023/FF            F-15C        27th FS
83-0039/FF            F-15C        94th FS
85-0819/HO            F-117A       49th FW
69-6005/FF            UH-1N        72nd HS
69-5803/FF            HH-3E        41st RQS
163135/AD-304         F/A-18A      VFA-106
162080/KD-41          AV-8B        VMAT-203
N510NA                T-34C        NASA
N511NA                T-38A        NASA

84-0114/FF,84-0141/FF C-21A        12th ALF
69-0372/FF            RF-4C        ABDR
75-0048/FF            F-15A        ABDR
81-0026/FF            F-15C        94th FS
81-0044/FF,82-0008/FF F-15C        27th FS
82-0047/FF            F-15D        27th FS
76-22547              C-12C        TRADOC
66-18001, 67-18102    U-21A        TRADOC
67-18122, 70-15905    U-21A        TRADOC

Alert barns:
81-0742, 81-0753      F-16A ADF    134th FS VT ANG
81-0767 + 1           F-16A ADF    134th FS VT ANG

52-5747               F-86H        as 31483
71-0281               YF-15A
78-0001               F-16A
61-0188               F-105D       as 10217

Far side:
74-0112/FF,75-0055/FF F-15A        ABDR mlt
81-0038/FF,82-0015/FF F-15C        1st FW "1stOG"
82-0025/FF            F-15C        1st FW un
Local F-15Cs, tailcode FF, of 27th FS:
81-0024, 81-0035, 82-0010, 82-0022, 83-0027, 83-0029
83-0031, 83-0040, 83-0042  witht 83-0027 as "27FS" and
F-15D 83-0050
Local F-15Cs, tailcode FF, of 71st FS:
82-0009, 82-0011, 82-0012, 82-0014, 82-0016, 82-0018
82-0021, 82-0036, 82-0038, 83-0012, 83-0013, 83-0018
83-0025, 83-0037 and F-15D 83-0048
Local F-15Cs, tailcode FF, of 94th FS:
81-0022, 81-0029, 81-0031, 81-0039, 81-0040, 81-0041
81-0042, 81-0051, 82-0024, 83-0010, 83-0030, 83-0036
83-0038, 83-0043 and F-15D 82-0046 and 83-0049

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