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Langley 2000

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Date: 21/22 October 2000

Made by:

Updated: 30 November 2003

140121		CP-140A		14 Wing
188926		CF-188B		425sq
4399		Tornado IDS	FTC
4460		Tornado IDS	FTC
78-0683/MD	A-10A		104th FS MD ANG  
86-0096/EL	B-1B	        37th BS          
61-0017/BD	B-52H	        93rd BS AFRC     
85-0001		C-5B	        436th AW         
86-0030		KC-10A	        305th AMW        
97-0044		C-17A	        437th AW         
84-0114		C-21A	        12th AF          
64-14863/MY	HC-130P	        71st RQS
64-14834	KC-135R	        74th ARS AFRC    
76-1605/OK	E-3B	        552nd ACW "552OG"
72-1133/HO	F-4F	        20th FS          
74-0117/FF	F-15A	        i/a              
83-0018/FF	F-15C	        27th FS "1OG"    
88-1694/SJ	F-15E	        335th FS         
86-0225/VA	F-16C	        149th FS VA ANG  
84-0812/HO	F-117A	        9th FS "49OG"    
88-26030	UH-60A	        USAALS           
92-26460/MY	HH-60G	        41st RQS         
93-0624/XL	T-1A	        47th FTW         
62-5954/VN	T-37B	        71st FTW         
66-8359/EN	T-38A	        80th FTW         
61-0876/RA	AT-38B	        12th FTW "12OG"  
163844/8E	UC-12M	        Roosevelt Road   
164212/AG-400	F/A-18C	        VFA-131          
N509NA		T-34C	        NASA Langley     
N524NA		OV-10A	        NASA Langley     
N564NA		T-38A	        NASA Langley     

188797		CF-188		425sq, special c/s
86-0105/DY	B-1B	        7th BW            
84-0116		C-21A	        12th AF           
85-1607		C-31A	        USA Para Team     
74-1680		C-130H	        39th AS                                           
74-2067		C-130H	        39th AS           
63-8061		KC-135D	        117th ARS KS ANG
82-0024/FF	F-15C	        94th FS           
83-0017/FF	F-15C	        71st FS           
83-0019/FF	F-15C	        27th FS           
87-0329/1	F-16C	        Thunderbirds                                         
87-0303/5	F-16C	        Thunderbirds      

Far side:
75-0055/FF	F-15A		i/a
81-0020/FF	F-15C		nmks
F-15Cs (* = F-15D) of 27th FS 'FF':
78-0521	   78-0548    79-0012*	 79-0025    79-0064	
80-0013	   80-0048    81-0034	 81-0036    81-0048     
81-0051	   83-0029    83-0034	 83-0049*   84-0023
F-15Cs (* = F-15D) of 71st FS 'FF':
81-0029	   81-0042    82-0012	 82-0038    83-0012
F-15Cs (* = F-15D) of 94th FS 'FF':
78-0514	   79-0057    80-0029	 81-0038    81-0050
82-0037	   82-0047    83-0010	 83-0011    83-0014
83-0024	   83-0027    83-0036	 83-0046*       

80-0004/FF	F-15C	        94th FS
81-0035/FF	F-15C	        27th FS
82-0018/FF	F-15C		71st FS
83-0047/FF	F-15D	        71st FS

Flying only:
81-0782		F-16A ADF	178th FS ND ANG
81-0791		F-16A ADF	178th FS ND ANG
84-0824/HO	F-117A		9th FS
162688/AD-165	F-14		nn

78-0001		F-16A		preserved       
71-0281	        F-15A	        preserved       
61-0188	        F-105D	        pres, as "10217"
52-5747	        F-86H	        pres, as "31483"
59-2601	        B-52G	        preserved       
64-0748	        F-4C	        preserved       

N9CY		L-39		Jet Pro                  
N22NA	        T-6G	        '932222'         
NX26AU	        SF260C	        Maximum Entropy  
N39WP?	        L-39	        nn               
N41EE	        Boeing 75N1	Training Services
N46RL	        FG-1D		'92508'                  
N50BZ	        SNJ-4	        Training Services       
N87AN	        An-2	        nn                      
N93?	        Vultee	        '42-352'                
N117BR	        Lim-5	        MiG Magic	        
N149DD	        FwP149D	        'BB391'                 
N149EE	        FwP149D	        '9135'                  
N155J	        Lj24B	        MiG Magic               
N186FS	        F-86E	        '71461/FU-461'          
N266C	        UC-78	        '43-32644'              
N500EJ	        C-54E	        Berlin Airlift Hist.Fnd.
N502	        SNJ-5	        '43689'                 
N509NA	        T-34C	        '161053'                
NL2151D	        P-51D	        '414237'                
N2697S	        Ce337D	        "690997"                
N3703G	        B-17G	        '124485'                
N4136B	        RC520	        nn                      
N6373Y	        Yak-9U	        Kimbles Aviation        
N9079Z	        TB-25B	        44-30734                
N9315H	        L-5	        American Airpower       
N23827	        AD-4	        "168/B"                 
N28341	        DC-3	        Delta Air Lines         
N41102	        Yak-52	        Tropical Aviation       
N47024	        Beech C17B	"62"             
N54657	        Beech D17S	Holman           
-	        Chipmunk T10	'WB665'          

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