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Las Vegas Henderson 2013

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Las Vegas Henderson Executive NBAA Annual Meeting & Convention
Date: 22-24 October 2013
Las Vegas (NV) was the location of the 2013 National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) convention & exhibition. Nearby Henderson-Executive (NV) hosted the static display of mainly business aircraft. Visiting the Las Vegas area during the NBAA convention can be very rewarding. Already a good place to see a lot of business jet traffic, Las Vegas-McCarran and Henderson-Executive welcome even more bizjet traffic during special events.
Henderson-Executive is an easy accessible airport about 20 minutes driving time from The Strip. Even during the convention it was no problem at all to visit the airport site and drive around looking for parked aircraft left and right from the main terminal. Coming from the main road the static display was located at the left of the airport. Most aircraft could be read of while following the perimeter road. Turning right from the main entrance road you will find a lot of hangars housing small bizjets and general aviation aircraft. Most visitors during the convention were parked up here or on the main platforms. When the aircraft are parked in a good position it is possible to take some nice pictures. The show report below lists only the static bizjets noted.
9H-AVK A319-115X Comlux  
9H-VJE Global 6000 VistaJet  
B-8093 G450 Deerjet  
M-EBRB Falcon 900 Jeteffect  
N106EC ERJ135BJ Embraer Executive Aircraft  
N142HQ G450 Delta Jet  
N150GD G150 Gulfstream Aerospace  
N150SB BAe125-800A Pecos Aircraft Sales  
N155JH Ce560 Elliott Aviation Aircr Sales  
N157BR Falcon 7X Avpro  
N161CE EMB500 Masi Air 100  
N162QS Global 6000 Millrock Aviation Financial  
N162WC B737-7BC WCA Holdings III  
N163FJ Falcon 7X Dassault Falcon Jet  
N193LA Global 5000 LAW Aviation  
N1965L Lj24 Clay Lacy Aviation  
N220AB Falcon 2000 Cazzie Acquisitions  
N265LX Falcon 900EX Dassault Falcon Jet  
N280GC G280 Gulfstream Aerospace  
N283DJ G200 Deerjet / Starbasejet  
N297SF Global Express Red Line Air  
N365GA G150 Gulfstream Leasing  
N381GX Global 6000 WCA Holdings IV  
N390EE EMB500 Embraer Executive Aircraft  
N390TG Ce525B Shepherd Aircraft Holdings  
N400XT Beech 400XTi Nextant Aircraft  
N406CL CL-300 Bombardier Aerospace  
N414TR Falcon 2000LX Travelers Indemnity  
N420NC HA-420 Honda Aircraft  
N446CJ Ce525C Cessna Aircraft  
N450GA G450 Gulfstream Aerospace  
N453CF Falcon 50 Mani Acquisitions  
N454AJ Falcon 900B Jones Airways  
N45FE Lj45 Federal Express  
N461LJ Lj75 Learjet  
N4FF Ce510 3Foot Air  
N504SV Ce680 Cessna Aircraft  
N505EE EMB505 Embraer Executive Aircraft  
N512LT G450 Larry Tannenbaum  
N545CC G-V Colony Capital  
N550GA G550 Gulfstream Aerospace  
N555LJ Lj24B Butler National  
N604W CL-604 Commander Airways  
N605BA CL-605 Bombardier Aerospace  
N650EE ERJ135BJ Embraer Executive Aircraft  
N650RR G650 Million Air  
N651SD Ce525B Satcom direct  
N702FJ Falcon 2000S Dassault Falcon Jet  
N737RJ Ce501 Wells Fargo Bank  
N740VC G-III SK Aviation  
N751CT Ce750 Cessna Aircraft  
N767DT G450 MIC Industries  
N800CZ Ce525 Cessna Aircraft  
N860ST Falcon 900 Life Time Fitness  
N872EC Falcon 2000 Entergy Services  
N8762W Global 5000 Bank of America Leasing  
N890LJ Lj35A Strand Aviation  
N924S Falcon 900 Meregrass  
N9771C CL-601 CIT Group  
PR-SPR Ce680 Global Taxi Aereo  
PT-TCK ERJ190BJ Embraer Executive Aircraft  
PT-ZFV EMB550 Embraer Executive Aircraft  


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