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Luke 1994

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Date: 14 April 1994

Made by:


80-0203/DM      blk     A10A            355WG
84-0060         bl/bl   C5B             60AW    
84-0191                 KC10A           722ARW
84-0105/CS              C21A            744ALF
60-0331         r/y     KC135R          97AMW
60-0357                 KC135R          384ARS/22ARW
62-3530         bl      KC135R          434WG/AFRes
66-0415/BH              RF4C            106RS/AL ANG
66-0453/BH              RF4C            106RS/AL ANG
69-0247/WA      y/bk    F4G             57WG
69-7270/WA      y/bk    F4G             57WG
87-0185/LF      bk/y    F15E            56FW
87-0186/LF      bk/s    F15E            56FW
86-0283/LR      r/y     F16C            302FS/AFRes
87-0356/LF      g/y     F16C            56FW
88-0458/LF      g/w     F16C            56FW
88-0505/LF      g/w     F16C            56FW
90-0778/LF      r       F16D            56FW
68-0050/CC      bl      F111E           27FW
90-26229                MH60G           71SOS/AFRes
90-0406/LB      flag    T1A             64FTW
56-3533/LB      flag    T37B            64FTW
65-10320/LB     flag    T38A            64FTW
73-1153/RA      bk/y    T43A            12FTW
159184/NJ533            A6E             VA128
161245/MD622            EA6B            VMAQ3
163398/NE620            EA6B            VAQ131
155722/NJ850            TC4C            VA128
163226/AD101            F14B            VF101
163893/NJ131            F14D            VF124
162461/VE01             FA18A           VMFA115
164883/01               FA18C           VMFA312
164461/TS01             SH60B           HSL41
160514/NJ451            T34C            VF124
164151/WL08             AV8B            VMA311
163660/WL25             AV8B            VMA311
2121                    HU25A           USCG/San Diego
161703/850              FA18A           NASA/Dryden
188725                  CF18A           441SQN
114059                  CT114           2CFFTS
N83TB                   T33A            Thunderbird Avn
N84TB                   T33A            Thunderbird Avn
54-0565                 C123K           Thunderbird Avn/N123K

Flight Line:
85-0087/EL              B1B             28BW
62-1794                 C130E           731ALS/AFRes
88-467/HL               F16C            34FS
68-15760/37             UH1H            1-108AVN/AZ ARNG
161931/1                FA18C           Blue Angles
161941/2                FA18C           Blue Angles
161975/3                FA18C           Blue Angles
161984/4                FA18C           Blue Angles
161973/5                FA18C           Blue Angles
161957/6                FA18C           Blue Angles
?     /7                FA18D           Blue Angles
151891                  TC130G          Blue Angles
N19TB                   F8              Thunderbird Avn

83-1134/LF      y/bk    F16C            61FS
83-1152/LF      y/bk    F16C            61FS
85-1425/LF      y/bk    F16C            61FS
85-1430/LF      y/bk    F16C            61FS
85-1431/LF      y/bk    F16C            61FS
85-1443/LF      y/bk    F16C            61FS
85-1445/LF      y/bk    F16C            61FS
85-1447/LF      y/bk    F16C            61FS
84-1314/LF      y/bk    F16C            61FS
83-1178/LF      y/bk    F16D            61FS
84-1325/LF      y/bk    F16D            61FS
84-1329/LF      y/bk    F16D            61FS
84-1330/LF      y/bk    F16D            61FS
84-1397/LF      y/bk    F16D            61FS
85-1506/LF      y/bk    F16D            61FS
85-1508/LF      y/bk    F16D            61FS
85-1512/LF      y/bk    F16D            61FS
85-1514/LF      y/bk    F16D            61FS
85-1515/LF      y/bk    F16D            61FS
85-1516/LF      y/bk    F16D            61FS
83-1145/LF      w       F16C            62FS
83-1158/LF      w       F16C            62FS
84-1247/LF      w       F16C            62FS
84-1250/LF      w       F16C            62FS
84-1283/LF      w       F16C            62FS
84-1296/LF      w       F16C            62FS
84-1297/LF      w       F16C            62FS
84-1308/LF      w       F16C            62FS
84-1381/LF      w       F16C            62FS
83-1164/LF      w       F16C            62FS
84-1319/LF      w       F16D            62FS
85-1507/LF      w       F16D            62FS
89-2094/LF      r       F16C            63FS
89-2107/LF      r       F16C            63FS
89-2120/LF      r       F16C            63FS
90-0705/LF      r       F16C            63FS
90-0712/LF      r       F16C            63FS
90-0722/LF      r       F16C            63FS
90-0752/LF      r       F16C            63FS
90-0754/LF      r       F16C            63FS
90-0760/LF      r       F16C            63FS
90-0762/LF      r       F16C            63FS
89-2097/LF      r       F16C            63FS
89-2158/LF      r       F16D            63FS
89-2175/LF      r       F16D            63FS
90-0781/LF      r       F16D            63FS
90-0783/LF      r       F16D            63FS
90-0788/LF      r       F16D            63FS
88-0455/LF      g/w     F16C            308FS
88-0464/LF      g/w     F16C            308FS
88-0472/LF      g/w     F16C            308FS
88-0475/LF      g/w     F16C            308FS
88-0478/LF      g/w     F16C            308FS
88-0484/LF      g/w     F16C            308FS
88-0487/LF      g/w     F16C            308FS
88-0490/LF      g/w     F16C            308FS
88-0493/LF      g/w     F16C            308FS
88-0496/LF      g/w     F16C            308FS
88-0514/LF      g/w     F16C            308FS
88-0517/LF      g/w     F16C            308FS
88-0163/LF      g/w     F16D            308FS
88-0164/LF      g/w     F16D            308FS
88-0165/LF      g/w     F16D            308FS
88-0169/LF      g/w     F16D            308FS
88-0172/LF      g/w     F16D            308FS
88-0173/LF      g/w     F16D            308FS
89-2161/LF      g/w     F16D            308FS
89-2162/LF      g/w     F16D            308FS
87-0358/LF      g/y     F16C            310FS
87-0360/LF      g/y     F16C            310FS
88-0412/LF      g/y     F16C            310FS
88-0414/LF      g/y     F16C            310FS
88-0434/LF      g/y     F16C            310FS
88-0451/LF      g/y     F16C            310FS
87-0394/LF      g/y     F16D            310FS
87-0395/LF      g/y     F16D            310FS
88-0153/LF      g/y     F16D            310FS
88-0154/LF      g/y     F16D            310FS
88-0155/LF      g/y     F16D            310FS
88-0157/LF      g/y     F16D            310FS
88-0158/LF      g/y     F16D            310FS
88-0159/LF      g/y     F16D            310FS
88-0162/LF      g/y     F16D            310FS
89-2157/LF      g/y     F16D            310FS
89-2164/LF      g/y     F16D            310FS
89-2170/LF      g/y     F16D            310FS
89-2177/LF      g/y     F16D            310FS
81-0670/LF      bk/r    F16A            425FS
81-0683/LF      bk/r    F16A            425FS
81-0667/LF      bk/r    F16A            425FS
80-0638/LF      bk/r    F16B            425FS
81-0815/LF      bk/r    F16B            425FS
86-0186/LF      bk/y    F15E            461FS
87-0170/LF      bk/y    F15E            461FS
87-0176/LF      bk/y    F15E            461FS
87-0177/LF      bk/y    F15E            461FS
87-0184/LF      bk/y    F15E            461FS
87-0188/LF      bk/y    F15E            461FS
87-0201/LF      bk/y    F15E            461FS
88-1684/LF      bk/y    F15E            461FS
86-0187/LF      bk/y    F15E            461FS
87-0171/LF      bk/s    F15E            550FS
87-0178/LF      bk/s    F15E            550FS
87-0183/LF      bk/s    F15E            550FS
87-0187/LF      bk/s    F15E            550FS
87-0189/LF      bk/s    F15E            550FS
87-0192/LF      bk/s    F15E            550FS
87-0193/LF      bk/s    F15E            550FS
87-0197/LF      bk/s    F15E            550FS
88-1679/LF      bk/s    F15E            550FS
88-1680/LF      bk/s    F15E            550FS
86-0210/LR      y/r     F16C            302FS/AFRes
86-0211/LR      y/r     F16C            302FS/AFRes
86-0214/LR      y/r     F16C            302FS/AFRes
86-0215/LR      y/r     F16C            302FS/AFRes
86-0217/LR      y/r     F16C            302FS/AFRes
86-0218/LR      y/r     F16C            302FS/AFRes
86-0239/LR      y/r     F16C            302FS/AFRes
86-0240         y/r     F16C            302FS/AFRes
86-0296/LR      y/r     F16C            302FS/AFRes
87-0311/LR      y/r     F16C            302FS/AFRes
86-0040/LR      y/r     F16D            302FS/AFRes
?                       F4              BDR

Flying only:
84-0811/HO              F117A           49FW

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