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Luke 1995

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Date: 7 April 1995

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79-0202/DM            A-10A        357th FS
86-0108/DY            B-1B         28th BS
61-0017/BD            B-52H        93rd BS AFRes
86-0012               C-5B         60th AMW
79-1949               KC-10A       722nd ARW
84-0089/OF            C-21A        11th ALF
60-0364               KC-135R      74th ARS AFRes
68-0538/HO "20 FS"    F-4E         20th FS
79-0076/EG            F-15C        59th FS
80-0003/EG multi      F-15C        33rd FW
88-1671/SJ,88-1680/SJ F-15E        333rd FS
83-1164/LF "62 FS"    F-16C        62nd FS
86-0273/LR            F-16C        302nd FS AFRes
67-0361/LF "311 FS"   F-16C        311th FS
87-0356/LF "310 FS"   F-16C        310th FS
89-2056/LF "56 FW"    F-16C        63rd FS
90-0778/LF            F-16D        63rd FS
70-2374/CC            F-111F       523rd FS
85-0835/HO            F-117A       49th FW
69-6602/FE            UH-1N        37th RQF
93-0627/LB            T-1A         64th FTW
67-14766/LB           T-37B        64th FTW
60-0553/CB            T-38A        14th FTW
64-13240/BB           T-38A        1st RS(T)
68-8101/LB            T-38A        64th FTW
68-8107/BB            T-38A        1st RS(T)
73-1155/RA            CT-43A       558th FTS
68-10338/BB           U-2R         99th RS
91-0270               CH-47D       D/113th AVN
93-0955               OH-58D       US Army
91-0122               AH-64A       US Army
158468/726            TA-4J        VT-7
155643/NJ-535         A-6E         VA-128
161190/7K             UC-12B       Memphis
164486/NK-601         E-2C         VAW-113
164366                CH-53E       HMT-302
153344/SA-16          CH-46D       HC-3
164461/TS             SH-60B       HSL-41
160121/NJ-740         S-3B         VS-41
160963/G-765          T-34C        TAW-4
6515                  HH-65A       CGAS

63-7782/RI            C-130E       143rd AS RI ANG
67-0022               C-141B       60th AMW

NX603RR               An-2T        Sovjet c/s
N202LD "20470"        NA-50        USAAF c/s
N207EV "483785/K"     B-17G        USAAF c/s
N72615 "7052"         CASA-2.111E  Luftwaffe c/s
N145AZ "44511"        C-45         USAF c/s
N19TB                 F-8E         Thunderbird Avn.
N166TB                TF-104G      Thunderbird Avn.
N4184W "17763"        CJ-6         private
N556TR "71843"        CJ-6         private
N31107 "71831"        CJ-6         private
N3246G                SNJ-5        US Navy c/s
NX356TE "TE356"       Spitfire XVIe RAF c/s
N51034, N9LP          Stearman     private
N69654                N2S-3        USAF c/s
N2460H                O-1          US Army c/s
N293FR "21-05006"     P-40K        USAAF c/s
N51DH                 P-51D        USAAF c/s
N3158G "93856"        T-6G         USAAF c/s
N56017 "164"          PT-22        US Army c/s

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