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MacDill 2001

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Date: 7 April 2001

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4403			Tornado IDS	FTC
4481			Tornado IDS	FTC
78-0614/MA, 78-0659/MA	A-10A		131st FS MA ANG 
79-0145/BD		A-10A	        47thFS AFRC     
85-0073/DY		B-1B	        9th BS          
60-0020/LA		B-52H	        20th BS         
87-0033			C-5B	        436th AW        
67-22584		C-9A	        75th AS         
79-1951			KC-10A	        60th AMW        
97-0047			C-17A	        437th AW        
84-0140			C-21A	        458th AS        
63-7783			EC-130E	        193rd SOS PA ANG
69-5825			MC-130P	        9th SOS         
81-0626			C-130H	        700th AS AFRC   
87-0128			AC-130U	        4th SOS         
94-8151			C-130J	        815th AS        
61-2667/OF		WC-135W	        45th RS         
63-7977, 64-14837	KC-135R	        91st ARS        
89-0494/SJ		F-15E	        336th FS        
85-1491/MI, 85-1503/MI	F-16C	        107th FS MI ANG 
86-0233/MI		F-16C	        107th FS MI ANG 
93-0537, 93-0539	F-16CJ	        157th FS SC ANG 
84-0827/HO, 86-0837/HO	F-117A	        8th FS          
69-5794			MH-53J		20th SOS          
91-26373	        MH-60K	        1-160th SOAR      
93-0632/XL	        T-1A	        47th FTW          
59-0299/XL	        T-37B	        47th FTW          
67-22252/RA	        T-37B	        12th FTW          
60-0076/CB	        T-38A	        14th FTW          
65-10417/CB	        T-38A	        14th FTW          
68-8177/HO	        T-38A	        7th CTS           
68-8217/XL	        T-38A	        47th FTW          
163527/NL-522	        EA-6B	        VAQ-142           
162141/NE-23	        C-2A	        VRC-30            
161190/7A	        UC-12B	        NAS Patuxent River
160626/BH	        KC-130R	        VMGR-252          
164404			E-6B	        SCW-1/VQ-4                
159428/NG-100	        F-14A		VF-211            
161356/00	        F/A-18B	        USNTPS        
164211/SH-251	        F/A-18D	        VMFAT-101     
164228/AD-441	        F/A-18D	        VFA-106       
164272/SH-272	        F/A-18D	        VMFAT-101     
157032/20	        T-2C	        USNTPS        
158903/A-921	        T-2C	        TW-1/VT-9     
159705/A-977	        T-2C	        TW-1/VT-9 "CO"
160495/E-495	        T-34C	        TW-5          
165516/F-08	        T-39N	        TW-6/VT-86    
165457/A-114	        T-45C	        TW-1/VT-7     
165472/A-129	        T-45C	        TW-1/VT-7     
151891			TC-130G		Blue Angels
And the Blue Angels with six Hornets coded 1 - 6.

South end/flying:
82-0660/FT, 80-0228/FT	A-10A		74th FS        
85-0092/GA		B-1B	        128th BS GA ANG
63-8022			KC-135R	        22nd ARW       
57-1439, 61-0292	KC-135R	        91st ARS       
61-0295, 62-3520	KC-135R	        91st ARS       
63-7976, 63-7977	KC-135R	        91st ARS       
63-8011			KC-135R	        91st ARS       
91-0387/SW		F-16CJ	        78th FS        
91-0389/SW		F-16CJ	        78th FS        
92-0467			MH-47E	        2-160th SOAR   
72-0283			CT-43A	        6th ARW        
163563			RC-12F	        nn             

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