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March 1998

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Date: 31 May 1998

Made by:


C-17A		60002 y			437/315 AW                  
C-5A	        80221 r		        433 AW/AFRC                 
UH-60A	        79-23321	        USCS                        
F-117A	        80-0786/HO r	        9 FS/49 FW                  
SR-71A	        17975		        March Field Museum          
AV-8B	        164544/WE02	        VMA-214                     
T-38A	        64-13301/BB r	        9 RW                        
T-38A	        64-13271/BB r	        marked  9th RW              
U-2S	        68-10331/BB r	        9 RW                        
F-4C	        37413		        Nose Section                
B-1B	        60098/GA	        128 BS/GA ANG               
B-52H	        10008/BD	        93 BS/AFRC                  
C-141B	        50248 y		        452 AMW/AFRC                
F-16B	        80088/ED	        marked  412 TW              
T-38A	        66-8369/EN	        80 FTW                      
F-16C	        84-1391		        144 FW/CA ANG               
RF-4C	        68-0382		        March Museum                
C-141B	        60136		        452 AMW                     
KC-135E	        91505		        163 ARW/CA ANG              
T-33	        21118/N99192	        Private                     
F-100	        54-1786 	        as 53608/FW608	March Museum
P-59		422614	               
Gnat	        E1014	               
T-28D	        N14144/51-7533		Private
C-47	        N92578	               
AT-6	        N7055H	               
C-208	        N759FX			Federal Express
B-727	        N496FE			Federal Express
C-121C	        N73544 			ex 64-0156	
P-47	        NX470F/549385	       
B-25	        NL9117Z/4429199	       
Cub	        N16689/45	       
AT-6D	        N7300C	               
Cub	        N35786/5-772	       
H-21	        N64606/44001	       
B-25	        N8026E/435323/BC-323	
F-4C	        37611			Gate Guard     
F-16C		88-0422/HL mlt		388 FW 
	        88-0501/HL bk	       
T-38A	        69-7080/VN r		71 FTW 
	        65-10335/VN r	       
F-15B	        76-0130/ED		AFFTC  
F/A-18C	        164879/NJ300		VFA125 
AV-8B	        164154/WE03		VMA-214
KC-135		00358 bl		New York ANG
		14839 bl		New York ANG
		37981 bl		New York ANG
		91466 bl		New York ANG hanger
	        91488 y			22 ARW
	        38003 y			22 ARW
	        23548 y			22 ARW
	        37978 y			22 ARW
	        38024 y + 1		22 ARW
	        71468 y			AFRC hangar
	        80015 y			AFRC hangar
	        71479 y			AFRC hangar
	        80035 y			AFRC hangar
	        71512			AFRC
	        72598			AFRC
	        80052			AFRC	               
	        71436			CA ANG
	        91516 			CA ANG hanger
	        5x			nn
C-141B	        60151			452 AMW/AFRC
		67957			452 AMW/AFRC
		60181			452 AMW/AFRC
		38085			452 AMW/AFRC	
	        5x			nn
C-130H	        11231			KY ANG                                 
T-41	        N5250F/55250		Flying Club
		N4969F/14969		Flying Club
		N5150F/55150		Flying Club
	        N5198F/55198		Flying Club
	        N7866N/87866		Flying Club
	        N7903N/87903		Flying Club
	        N5235F/55235		Flying Club
	        N5229F/55229		Flying Club	
O-2	        21462			Stored                                 
Extra 300	N302NL			Northern Lights
		N303NL			Northern Lights
		N304NL			Northern Lights
		N305NL			Northern Lights 	
T-34		53279/SH		March Aero Club
		55290/SH		March Aero Club
		57323/SH		March Aero Club	
T-28		49.496/AD	
A1E Skyraider	137543/AK-09		69 SOG
Twin Otter	N169TH			69 SOG
O-2		N21555			69 SOG

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