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March 1999

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Date: 9 April 1999

Made by: Dave Hopkins, anonymous

Updated: 21 June 1999

76-0132/ED        F-15B               445FLTS r/w c/s 
76-0116/ED        F-15A               445FLTS gy c/s "412 TW" 
79-0210/DM        A-10A               "355 WG" w 
80-0215/DM        A-10A               "355 WG" w 
85-1404           F-16C               194 FS/CA ANG 
64-13281/BB       T-38A               9 RW r 
68-8203/EN        T-38A               "90 FTS" 
79-23321          UH-60A 

Museum aircraft in the static: 
446393/Y-1        B-17G 
68-0392           F-4E                CA ANG 
431032            B-25J 
68-0245           FB-111A 
44-22614          P-59A 

N104              F-104 
N169TH            UV-18A              69 SOG US Army 
N916RC/01         Citation            VT-86 
N64606            H-21B               54-4001. Active 
N38301            F-86A               71461. Ca ANG 

63-9813           C-130E              171AS/MI ANG 
80-1092/BB        U-2S                9RW 
92-357/XL         T-1A                86FTS 
84-0103           C-21A               84ALF 
68-0216           C-5C                60AMW 
(164865)/NJ-307   F/A-18C             VFA-125 
80-0557/ED        F-16A               412TW 
72-1387/AF-00     F-5E                VFC-13 
79-1950           KC-10               60AMW 
163668/WF-24      AV-8B               VMA-513 
165319/QT         AH-1W               HMT-303 
....../QT         UH-1N               HMT-303 
97-0047           C-17A               437AW "Spirit of Middle Georgia" 
57-1479           KC-135R             336ARS 
66-0136           C-141C              452AMW 
66-0181           C-141C              452AMW 

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